Tracey Birdsall Cast in Matt Degennaro’s Supernatural Film Dance of the Blue Tattoo


Award winning actress Tracey Birdsall (The Young & The Restless, Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter) has been cast opposite The Blacklist’s Harry Lennix in Dance of the Blue Tattoo.

Del Weston directs from a script by award winning screenwriter Matt DeGennaro.

Mia Goldman (Birdsall), possessed by superior agility, strength and beauty, is driven by an incomprehensible, subconscious urge to travel south to the Yucatan. Surprised by a series of strange messages and disturbing events, she realizes a power greater than her own has changed her pleasure trip to heal from a nasty divorce into a dangerous, supernatural journey into the Mayan underworld and Fifth dimension.   Continue reading


Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter Filmed In Many of the Same Locations as Return of the Jedi


Early information is starting to be released on a new Sci-Fi movie that features many locations fans of Star Wars might notice.

ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER is the first instalment in a new franchise that was filmed on many of the same locations as RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Director Neil Johnson’s film fixes on the overthrow of humanity by Artificial Intelligence and the determined rebel (Tracey Birdsall) who goes up against the droid empire.

Following the movie, the ‘Rogue Warrior’ character will spin-off into her own series, THE GODS OF WAR.