American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire Review


In American Backwoods, four months after one of the most brutal slaughters happened in American history, four friends, Kid (Jeremy Isabella), Dude-Guy (Tyler Rice), Buddy (Shawn Thomas) and Bro (Dayo Okeniyi – The Hunger Games and Terminator: Genisys) travel from New Hampshire to the Canadian border to visit a private strip club in a rite of passage after a party they were to attend gets raided.  They never make it to their destination after their car spins out and Officer Girth (Matt Hish) deems it unsafe to continue.  The four friends are then taken captive and what ensues is a violent film filled with gore and violent scenes of rape.


The film has three plots going on all at once featuring hillbilly cannibals, Norse Vikings who have captured two girls (one of the girls thinks the God Tyr sent the friends to save them) and a mythical beast.  The rednecks rape and hunt the four friends in a Hunger Games type game, while the mythical beast kills everyone.  The violence includes what Rue Morgue labeled “The Goriest Scene of the Year”.


With everything going on the movie is somewhat hard to follow so viewers must pay attention to all the subtleties and undertones.  Director/writer Flood Reed has created an ultriovelent film that covers several topics spanning from mythology and horror to comedy.  He even has a few scenes in the film.  The scenes of gore seem more high budget using practical effects.  Once the movie kicks into high gear it may offend and repulse but it offers a little for everyone.  The only thing we didn’t like was the complexity of the movie as we like our horror films to flow more smoothly and not have to try to peel back confusing layers.