Scandia Haunt Review: Ontario


At Scandia Ontario you’ll find two haunted houses.  They’re Blackout (no relation to the extreme haunt) and The Wussmaker.  We were in the area last night so we decided to check them out.  Scandia is conveniently located right off of the 15 Freeway.  They have actually been putting haunts together for quite a while now, but they mostly cater to the local area, so living in the San Fernando Valley we haven’t heard about it since this year.  Both haunts are actually more intense than most haunts you’ll find elsewhere.



Blackout, as its name implies is basically a pitch black maze.  They only allow a few people in at a time (I, Erik, went in by myself).  The goal is to find your way out of the darkness.  Rather than relying on actors (although there was one in the maze), the haunt relies on some old-school gimmicks that we don’t want to give away.  But, I will say that i was startled on more than one occasion as the picture i received at the end can attest to.  Yes, what’s cool about this haunt is they have a night vision camera set up which takes pictures and you get a free one at the end if you can make it all the way through.  i was actually told by Alan, the director of haunt talent, that the area next to the maze is actually haunted, so I didn’t know what to expect as i often feel the energy going through a maze that’s at a haunted location.  I can tell you that i definitely did feel some strange energy once I was inside.  Of course, that only adds to the fun of the experience.

The Wussmaker


The Wussmaker is your traditional haunted house, although it’s more extreme than most.  However, there are no waivers to sign and we weren’t touched by any of the actors while we were inside.  Right before we went in though, a group had “wussed” out and came back through the front entrance.  Their website has a running list of how many wusses there are up to date.  As of now it lists 10,219 which we can only assume means throughout the years.  This is a fun maze with some original characters as well as some you might recognize.  Their website also lists who you might expect to find inside.  Along with your clowns and butchers there’s also a Freddy Kreuger and Michael Myers.  The maze lasts about 15 minutes (for us it was a bit more as one of the clowns kept misdirecting us in the hall of mirrors and wouldn’t let us through).  The sets are really elaborate for this type of haunt and the actors all seemed to be enjoying what they do.  We actually found Blackout to be more scary, even though it was the simpler of the mazes.  While not touching you (we were actually told that occasionally they do) the actors in The Wussmaker do get up personal and in your face.  Our favorite scene was a gimmick where a dummy is being hanged that has an outcome you don’t expect.


If you’re in the Inland Empire make sure to check out Scandia.  They also have 25 attractions including mini golf, an arcade and rides.

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