Will You Survive The Bunker Experience


On Saturday night we had an opportunity to check out The Bunker Experience.  We’re actually not the biggest fans of escape rooms because we’ve never been good with puzzles and those sorts of things, but we love the location (the same place where Old Town Haunt used to run) and the idea of trying to escape a post-apocalyptic war zone sounded exciting.

We originally were going to go through the experience alone but ran into some people actually looking for the previous haunt that used to be there and told them about the new one.  We definitely peaked there interest as they told us this was something they wanted to do.  We didn’t know them going in, but the experience bonds you with people you know or don’t as you work together to try to solve the different clues.

In the beginning you’re shown a video in what we assume is the briefing room where through a soldier’s helmet cam you learn that vandals are attacking the compound and there is an map to be found.  If you’re able to find the map then you survive and are able to do the next part of the experience which is an actual maze.

The room you’re led into looks the sleeping quarters of the soldier shown on the video.  The anxiety is heightened as the sounds of war and gunfire are heard while looking for the clues.  In order to solve the challenge you must not take anything for granted and use all the set pieces as you don’t know where you might find an important hint.

The location and set design are great and the actors inside definitely are on cue.  We found ourselves scrambling as we didn’t know when our time would run out as there is no countdown posted as in other similar experiences.  This actually works to build the suspense.  The Bunker Experience is great for moral building and can actually be beneficial to corporations as it requires communication, time management and most important teamwork.  We hope The Bunker Experience is here to stay for a long time.