New Official Trailer for Lilin’s Brood


A “New Media” news coverage team that is stranded near a beleaguered brothel in the middle of nowhere encounter a group or women with a terrifying secret.

Directed by Mansa Mojo Brothas, the film stars Martin Sensemeier (the upcoming MAGNIFICENT SEVEN), Maxine Goynes, Brent King, Melinda Milton, Alberto Barros, Catherine Paiz, James Wellington and Sandra Hinojosa.

The film will be released 12 FEB 2016 (Valentines Weekend) on Amazon and ITunes.



Trailer for James Cullen Bressack’s Hate Crime Released


The trailer for James Cullen Bressack’s bare knuckles film ‘Hate Crime’ was recently released.  This film is disturbing, yet engrossing and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Press Release:

Psykik Junky Pictures wants to let everyone know that we just dropped a sick new trailer for James Cullen Bressack’s latest release, HATE CRIME.  HATE CRIME is a violent, realistic portrayal of one of our worst nightmares, being attacked in our home. The movie has been extremely well received by over 80+ reviewers, including some of the biggest reviewers in the horror film community. It has already won best picture and best director at multiple film festivals around the world and made may horror sites top 10 lists of 2012.

For just $6.66 you can stream the FULL MOVIE anywhere in the world from http://www. but make sure you head over there asap as the film will only be available for 1 month before it gets taken down in anticipation for its Blu-ray/DVD release in August from Unearthed Films