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Two Nights Only

Monday February 29th & Tuesday March 1st

When you aren’t with us we stand in the dark,
very still, radiating color, bodies ahum.

When you are with us,
your body will move and be moved.

A L O N E i n c . A C H E L A N D is the first in a series of experiences in 2016 that delve into the psychology of self v. system, personhood v. corporation and comfort v. threat. This will be an hour long experience that you must go through alone.



Alone: Absorption – A Review of the Final Unweave the Rainbow Installment


We’ve completed the Unweave the Rainbow series that Alone has created with its final installment called Absorption.  During this journey we have been immersed in a surreal experience where we learned about ourselves and the properties of light.  Absorption is the interception of radiant energy or sound waves.  This is a much darker experience that takes you even deeper into your self.


The event takes place at a facility that was once used for film processing and the location is used to perfection.  Alone centers itself with the locations it uses.  Through the 45 minute experience you’ll go through the different rooms and passageways of the building seeing a different scene.  Some of them were scary while others were slightly disturbing or even funny.

From what we got out of our experience is that you become an employee of Alone or bigger yet, The Enola Foundation.  We won’t give anything away, but you’re put to different tests, shown a few clips that talk about being alone and the properties of light, then receive a company mission statement.  Like Alone experiences in the past, most of the characters within aren’t even in makeup or costume, but there are some that have taken on a rather mysterious persona including being dressed as corporate employees.


This is a much darker experience than the past few Alone installments and you will be touched, grabbed, pushed around and even danced with.  They’ve incorporated some really cool elements which include an interaction with an unseen voice and the creative use of a chair.

This was one of our favorite experiences at Alone, only being beat out by the first year.  But maybe that’s because we got a chance to do a paranormal investigation at the location it was held at before we went through.  This location as well has a weird vibe and sorry to use the pun, but at times when there’s no one else around you’ll actually feel like you’re not alone.


Before you even go through Absorption you have the chance to unlock a clue that will take you into another room.  The acting in the scene is incredible, as is all the acting in Alone.  Although at times creepy, the experience is absolutely beautiful and spellbinding.  Not only is it a haunt, but rather a living art piece that explores the human element.  You have one more week to check it out and we say that it is must!  We can’t wait to see what they have in store next time around.

Golden State Haunts and Events 2013 Haunted Attraction Awards


This year was quite a year for Halloween haunts and attractions in Southern California.  Elvira made her return to Knott’s Scary Farm, Rob Zombie had his own haunted amusement park at the Fearplex and we saw some of the best new haunts we’ve seen in a long time.  Now it’s time to award our annual haunted attraction awards to those we felt exemplified what the Halloween Haunt season is all about.  Our decisions were hard and we weren’t able to visit every haunt this season so we had to go on what we visited.  There were many haunts that could have been in the same place as the award winners as it seemed every haunt gave it it’s all this season.  Read on for the winners… Continue reading