Golden State Haunts Launch Party Dinner/Investigation Cafe Hidalgo Featuring The Black Rose Phantoms, The Rundown Kreeps and Tres Muertos


Join Erik Vanlier (Haunted History, Haunted Encounters, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures) for the website launch of  (your source for horror, Halloween, paranormal and metaphysical news, events and reviews) February 20th from 7pm until 1am for an exclusive dinner/investigation of the very haunted Cafe Hidalgo AND Hotel California in Fullerton, California located at the infamous Via Del Sol (305 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832). There will be special guests, contests, a pychic an a live, intimate performance by The Black Rose Phantoms, Tres Muertos, as well as The Rundown Kreeps.

Live Psychic – Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips is an International Evidential Medium, Psychic and tarot reader. She has been a practicing Reiki Master and energy healing professional for almost 20 years. Jennifer is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic. She is naturally gifted and has studied with Sandra Anne Taylor, International Mediums Sharon Klingler, Janet Nohavec, and many more teachers to further develop and understand her gifts. Jennifer has been a frequent visiting medium at the Spiritualist community in Lilydale, NY.  She is currently part of the monthly, “Psychic Stand-Up” show at Flappers in Burbank and provides private readings and gallery readings providing Messages from the Other Side. Upcoming events are scheduled for the West Los Angeles, and Orange County areas.

Special Guests:
Ace Jordan (director of the critically acclaimed horror movie Silent Retreat)
Trista Robinson (award winning actress – Silent Retreat, (the upcoming) Asmodeus, The Human Race, Jurassic City)
Russ McKamey (owner of the nation’s most controversial extreme haunt McKamey Manor which has an over 30,00 person waiting list)
Adrian Marcato – Founder Heretic Horror House (Adrian was born on Friday the 13th, 1977 in Los Angeles, California.  Marcato is a California native that has worked in and around the film industry since 2004.  Initially became a monster at Knott’s Scary Farm in 2005 and continued to make short films while taking film and screenwriting classes at UCLA.  He also works in the F/X world and it was in 2012 that he began an experiment of combining his years of production experience and F/X that HERETIC was born).

Live Intimate Acoustic Performances:
The Black Rose Phantoms (Based out of Long Beach, CA The Black Rose Phantoms formed in late 2002.  With only a short 8 months the band was asked to join Hellcat Record’s very own Nekromantix as they ventured on a West Coast Tour.  They have performed with world famous groups such as Tiger Army, The Transplants, L.A. Guns, and The Quakes.  Their music features a broad variety of genres such as Metal, Melodic Punk, Psychobilly and Country.  They’re releasing a new album March 26th followed by a European Tour).
The Rundown Kreeps (The Rundown Kreeps is a three piece Ska/Pop-Punkabilly band from Los Angeles.  The groups is a direct product of backyard shows, parking lot mosh pits & drunken acoustic jam sessions after 2am.  With a nice blend of upbeat loud drums, punk rock distortion under technical melodies, a non-stop bass line & honest relatable lyrics; Rundown Kreeps offers a unique sound that music lovers of all genres can appreciate).
Tres Muertos (Tres Muertos is a three-piece psychobilly band that has played with many famous bands at different well-known venues).

We will have full access not only to the restaurant, but also the building that was also the former California Hotel. After hours access to the building is EXTREMELY rare. The California Hotel is 92 years old and used to house a brothel. Cafe Hidalgo is haunted by a spirit named Chuck as well as those of the prostitutes and people who used to stay at the hotel. There are at least four reported suicides including a construction worker who jumped from the third floor in the 1970’s.  The tickets includes an all you can eat past bar,  beverage, tax and tip.  Alcohol and certain menu items (i.e. filet mignon) are an extra charge. We will be investigating util 1am in the morning.


Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 1:00 AM (PST) Add to Calendar
Cafe Hidalgo – 305 North Harbor Boulevard Fullerton, CA 92832


Heretic Horror House and Mr Lonely Bring the Pain


Before I attended the last Heretic show called Iso Dread I was told to go onto Craigslist and look for a Mr. Lonely under missing connections.  I found the ad which featured a faded image of a person you couldn’t make out.  It was listed under T4T.  You were supposed to respond to him with your phone number and tell him that “you have the key”.  The description of Mr. Lonely was that he was someone who couldn’t leave his house because he had two broken legs.

A few weeks went by and the night before the Heretic show I received a call in the middle of the night with someone at the other end saying, “You responded to my personal ad”.  He asked me if I was alone and that “they” were watching.  I was told to slowly take off all my clothes.  The voice on the other end said that if I didn’t believe him they would come and knock on my door.  The caller then hung up and I received a second phone call about a half hour later.  This time it was what sounded like a male voice whispering.  Every time I asked him to speak up I heard a woman in the background say to me, “I can’t hear you Jennifer”.  The male voice said something to me which sounded like, “If you go you’re going to die tomorrow”.  He also said something that sounded like, “there’s a ghost in your room, if you don’t believe me look under your bed”.  Then he hung up.

I received an email a short while later which gave me the address of where I was supposed to go.  The email said “Your end is near” and “Welcome death”.  It also said that where I was supposed to show up was very far from the actual location.  I had received prior emails that had told me to write Heretic in ink on my hand so that I’d be recognized when I showed up.  It also told me not to bring anything valuable and to bring a waterproof bag to put my keys in and duck tape to tape my pocket.  An earlier email had asked me if I knew how to swim.  I was told to meet a man on the street with a broken arm and help him move boxes.

I didn’t know what to expect when it was time for me to show up.  There were many rumors about this particular show and even some friends I know who always go to these types of events said they weren’t going to do it because they felt it was going to be unsafe and too hardcore.  I learned a valuable lesson and that is not to tell people that I’m going to do something like this beforehand.  One of the emails I had received told me not to tell anyone where I was going or where I was when I showed up.  I also had to sign a waiver that said that anything could happen including death.  So basically I could be killed and Heretic would be covered.  My friends and family told me that these are very sick, dangerous  people and masochists and that I should stay away.  All of the negativity and warnings I let get to my head and did not come mentally prepared for this type of experience.  When you do a horror show like this it’s imperative that you come mentally prepared with no fear and a positive attitude.  I had psyched myself out before it had even started.

When I arrived at the location I was actually met by a friend.  He told me to give him my glasses and I was concerned because I told him I had heard the actual location was very far away and I didn’t know if he would be there to give my glasses back at the end.  He told me not to worry and led me to the back of an unassuming house.  We went through one door that had a long hallway where it was hard to see because there was a light at the end and what appeared to be fog.  I thought we were just stopping here to turn in my waiver.  I was told to walk to the end of the hallway and halfway down I was violently grabbed by a huge man dressed in black who seemed to have bandages covering his face.  He took me to the side of a dark room and pushed me under what appeared to be a plastic tarp.  He started choking me and covering my mouth and nose at the same time so that I couldn’t breathe.  Then someone came to the side of us and shot me with what seemed and felt like a staple gun.  I didn’t know how extreme this was going to get and the negative comments from the people I had talked to before hand were running through my head.  After a few moments of being in pain and thinking I had staples all over my side I said the safety word “Nebraska”.  Everyone immediately broke kayfabe (that’s a wrestling term for staying in character) and Adrian appeared out of nowhere.  They checked on me and made sure I wasn’t hurt too bad or bleeding too much.  Even the person doing the choking asked me if I was okay.

After a moment Adrian asked me if I was okay to continue and I told him I was.  It was amazing how quick everyone was able to get back into character.  My hands were then bound and I was blindfolded.  I was then lifted up and was led around into what seemed to be another room.  I don’t know why I did it but I said the safety word again.  My biggest fear was that they were going to put something gross into my mouth.  That’s the one thing I can’t handle with these types of haunts.  I was afraid at the moment, but I felt vulnerable and didn’t know what to expect next.  I was brought into a lit side room where Adrian asked me once again if I wanted to continue, but the CEO of Heretic said no.  I was very disappointed.  They said it was only going to get much, much worse.  The rest of the experience had you being stuffed into smaller and smaller boxes until you experienced extreme claustrophobia and I assume came face-to=face with Mr. Lonely.

I think I would have had no problem completing this if I hadn’t been psyched out before hand and if I wasn’t worried about having something put into my mouth.  Like I said in my last Heretic review I didn’t know what to expect going in including possible death.   But, I saw from this experience how professional and caring the actors are as is Adrian.  One of the tormentors even offered me his last cigarette outside.  I don’t want to break kayfabe for Heretic, but these are some of the nicest people I’ve met inside or outside the extreme horror industry.  I don’t believe they’re sick like outsiders say, but rather brilliant and creative, many of them even having IMDB credits.  If they are sick it’s in a good way.



Heretic Horror House Presents Vanish (The Desert Can Be A Scary Place)


The desert is an isolate and desolate place.  At night it’s cold and foreboding.  Site of many body dumps.  Murders and rituals have taken place here.  Haunted.  You’ve all driven through the desert.  On the way to Vegas or in the Antelope Valley.  Some of our worst paranormal investigations have taken place here.  Rosamond Asylum, Hangman’s House, Amaragosa Hotel’s Spooky Hollow.  These are the types of places you will find.  Filled with spirits, many of them negative.  In the desert no  one can hear you scream.  Now from the sick mind of creator Adrian Marcato comes Heretic Vanish.  An extreme horror simulation that walks a very fine line,

S U N D A Y NOVEMBER 29 2015
H E R E T I C presents  V A N I S H
Synopsis: A fragmented Horror Noir that unfolds by getting lost, encountering strange psychotics and become one of the missing.
This is a 21 and over simulation
Extreme Gore elements
Intensely immersive
Aggression – This is not a level 5 aggression,
guests will be manhandled and moved around
There will also be an option for those who prefer a softer session
A very ambitious attempt by H E R E T I C that will take two very slick genres, the layers of a dark seedy noir and the horrors of altered states.  The Desert is a dark empty place cold and unforgiving it also is a place where the unknown can hide.
For more information visit:
The Stranger by Albert Camus
The Vanishing -Dutch-French film (1988) directed by George Sluzier
Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
The Thing on the Doorstep by H.P. Lovecraft
House on the Borderlands by Willam Hope Hodgson
Menalaiad by John Barth
We Live Inside you by Jeremy Robert Johnson
The Missing are never lost by Adrian Marcato

Extreme Horror Becomes Beautiful Art At Heretic Hex


I found out about Heretic overhearing someone talk at media night for another haunted attraction.  I was immediately intrigued by what I heard so I decided to look it up and came across a contact for the creator Adrian Marcato.  I was able to sit down with Adrian and conduct an interview.  I was fascinated by the things he said so I decided to do some more research and came across elaborate stories and pictures having to do with murder and violence. You would think these things were very disturbing, but in the way they were presented they actually were very poetic and artful.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my first Heretic experience.  I received emails telling me to reply back that I understood everything.  The emails said to wear clothes that I wouldn’t mind getting ruined.  A time was set on a certain date and i was to wait under a street light on a corner in LA.

When that day came I emailed Adrian and told him how anxious I was and that I was feeling a little apprehensive.  I knew this was something I wanted to go through with though so I went to the corner where I was supposed to wait, dressed in ripped jeans and an old shirt.  I was expecting to have something happen to me like I had heard from other reviews such as being kidnapped by people and being put into a trash filled van.  Instead I was met by Adrian himself in a friendly manner who took me across the street to an unassuming building.

To set the premise, Hex is based on a dream Adrian had once when he was sick.  The experience takes place mainly in one room where there’s a bed that was used in actual murders.  It is said that when you lay in this bed you have terrible nightmares.

While we were walking across the street Adrian was talking about how Heretic was different from other extreme haunts and was talking about the haunts he himself had done or wanted to do.  We entered a room just passed a door that was dimly lit.  He asked me if I was ready and if I had any aggression issues.  He also asked me if I remembered the safe word “Awake”.  Then he opened another door and i was brought into a room that was filled with fog and barely lit.

As soon as I entered a man dressed in a suit walked up to Adrian and Adrian began whispering something to him.  This caused me a little concern.  Then I was brought over to a table where I was asked to sign the standard waiver.  Sitting at the table was a girl in a hoodie who started getting upset over what was stated in it.  “What is this?  It says you can die.  I don’t want to do this”, she said angrily and concerned.  “That’s just the standard waiver” said the man in the suit.  “I’m not going to do this” the girl yelled.  Then she got up and headed for the door I had just came through and started screaming for Adrian.  The man in the suit and her started to struggle.  The girl was dragged over to another door and pushed into the dark where you could see the silhouette of someone who definitely looked menacing.

“Sorry for that, shall we carry on” asked the man in the suit to me.  I finished signing the waiver, handed it to the man and he immediately took out a video camera and note pad.  “We know why you’re here.  You know what’s going to happen to you tonight, don’t you” he asked.  This is when I started to get a little worried.  Adrian and I during our interview had talked about many things during the interview and I found out we both had a fascination for the Deep Web. I had heard some horror stories that had happened over the Deep Web and was wondering if this was going to be one.  These thoughts honestly crossed my mind: “Was I going to go through some kind of occult initiation”, “Was I going to get seriously injured or worse yet maybe even murdered”.

The man started to ask me questions about sleep.  “How often do you dream?” “Do you sleep alone?” “Do you remember your dreams?” “What’s the worse nightmare you can remember?” “Do you have rape fantasies?”  I answered these questions as honestly as I could.  Then he pulled something out of his jacket pack and said, “Erik, I need you to trust me”.  It was a pink pill.  “What the hell is this?” I asked.  Very calmly and casually he said, “Oh, it’s just something to sedate you and make you hallucinate”.  Oh great!  I was going to go through an extreme haunt alone where there’s a haunted bed that’s been used in murders that I’ll probably wind up being put in and I’m going to be sedated and hallucinating?  The man then told me that I was going to go through some aggression drills to get the pill working faster.  I assumed this was to have a paradoxical effect like drinking Red Bull and vodka.

We left the room where i had signed the waiver and he took me to another room where there was just a door and a hallway.  He told me to put my hands against the door and started breathing heavily.  As soon as I did this the girl from the previous room falls out of a room I didn’t see on the side and throws up all over me.  This was all before the main part of the show.  Then I’m brought into a second room where a man in a black ski mask starts putting safety gear on me and the man in the suit hands me a mask.  I’m led to a black curtain that I’m to go through.  It seems to be a bare room with not much in it.  “Find the baseball bat” the man in the suit says.  I tell them that I found the bat. “Now go to the other corner and break everything as hard and fast as you can”.  I go to the other corner and find some objects that I start swinging and pounding away at.  After a while the man in the suit says, “enough, now come back out here”.  I come back out, the safety gear is taken off and I’m led to another area where I see the bed.  “You know what to do now” says the man in the suit.  “Oh shit!” I thought, “things just got even more real”.  I lay in the bed (which is soaked) and decide that at this point I’m just going to relax and let whatever happens happen.


A naked man and a girl approach the bed.  The man stands behind me while the girl gets on top of me and straddles me.  The man and girl start whispering in my ear, “no one knows your here” “no one cares about you” “he’s coming”.  The girls kneed are implanted deeply in my rib cage.  I can’t breath and grasp for breath.  “shhh, don’t make sound, no one can hear you, no one cares about you” the girl says as she covers my mouth.  She starts ripping at my flesh and slapping me in the face.  “he’s coming” she says again as they both leave.  Before they do though the girl swings a dimly lit overhead light.  I can’t see anything but shadows.  Someone in a demon mask then approaches the bed and gets on top of it.  He starts throwing me around, puts my face in the blood soaked bed and then chokes me.  He then completely rips the shirt that I’m wearing.

I’m then brought to a gurney that I’m placed upon and the sides are lifted.  Once again the girl gets on top of me and starts clawing at my skin and slapping me in the face.  Then she vomits blood into my face.  It gets in my mouth and my nose.  The man in the ski mask then helps me get off the gurney and takes me to another door that I go through and I’m in a lit lobby.


The experience is over.  Waiting for me is Adrian with a big smile on his face.  “That’s it?” I ask.  I didn’t realize how much I had actually enjoyed this.  The time seemed to pass extremely fast.  What’s weird is that once my initial fear had ebbed I had actually felt extremely calm and serene.  I don’t know if I had an out of body experience during all of this, but I was able to be completely immersed and forget about all the horror and fear in the real world.  Once the experience started I never felt overly scared of in danger.  I didn’t have to use the safe word.  Yes it’s extreme, but the actors do their job extremely well.  Everything was beautiful in a macabre kind of way.   I was one of the lucky people who got to see Marcato’s nightmare brought to life.  I was worried I would maybe get some kind of spiritual attachment from the experience and especially that haunted bed.  That didn’t happen.  In fact I got the best sleep I did in a long time that night.

After talking about the experience people told me that that’s “crazy” and “too much for them” and that they would never do it.  They asked me if I would do the experience again.  My answer is a definite YES!

Interview With Heretic Haunt’s Adrian Marcato (A New Extreme Haunt That Will Push Your Limits)


Heretic Haunt is so secret that you actually need an invitation and password to attend.  We originally heard about it from someone who runs a major horror site.  Knowing nothing about it we were intent on tracking down the founder to get more information.  It turns out he’s a former monster at Knott’s Scary Farm and does makeup for The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.  Heretic Haunt appears to be like nothing we’ve ever come across before and is actually based on a real ritual murder.

1.  How did you go from being a monster at Knott’s Scary Farm and makeup artist at Haunted Hayride to running your own haunt?
I have worked in haunts since I was 16
 Running my own haunt has been a goal of mine since I grew to love HORROR & the haunt world. I accidentally fell into doing F/X
a friend of mine needed a slit throat for a short film…so I did it and it looked cool. My friend just started doing HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS and she had been doing it forever as well as attended MUD & CINEMA MAKE-UP SCHOOL ..she VERONICA RODARTE taught me everything I know. I then applied to work shops and got hired on several horror films.
2.  How did the murder of your friend inspire you to start a haunt? It was the catalyst and I wrote a story based on the incident that played out in six. instalments of a haunted house. She was a close friend and her murderers have never been found, it was hard to deal with at the time. I kept the real elements of the case
Young girl, strange Symbols and a sadistic secret cult
3.  Would you label the haunt an extreme haunt? Yes…we push people in different ways but it is aggressive.
4.  What makes your haunt different than other ones? It’s all original from a true story and places guests in Real locations and Real elements. In one show we had a home invasion scene (I.E. Henry portrait of a serial killer) and a girl was actually sexually penetrated in front of guests.
5.  We notice you have an interest in the paranormal.  How much of that element is in your haunt? I love it! It’s there a parallel reality, a nightmarish atmosphere that exists in a parallel timeline. I have had a few paranormal experiences and I’m not 100% of anything but unexplainable ..for sure.
6.  The photos you’ve posted on Facebook are much more avant-garde than any other haunt.  What does that stem from? These are curated to evoke a tone of morbidity and sorrow , terror and sickness, things that inspire fear and lay in the horror genre.
7.  You reference the deep web.  Have you ever been on it and if so what was your experience? At this time I can’t discuss but I’ve been invited into several sites and it’s an interesting place in a sea of over exposure