Valley Investigators of the Paranormal

This is very small representation of the locations VIP has investigated.

 Please wait for the page to load so you can hear some examples of the EVP’S (electronic voice phenomena) we capture.  EVP’s are voices that are picked up by audio devices but not heard with the human ear.  A voice heard audibly without the assistance of a device is called a disembodied voice.

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Casa de Mexicano
American Legion Hall – Los Angeles
Homestead Museum
Lone Hill Manor
Pasadena Underground
Los Angeles Silent Theater
Undisclosed Historic Location – Santa Ana
Shadow Ranch Park

Private Residence – Canoga Park, CA

This investigation we were told was going to hold a lot of heavy activity and we certainly weren’t disappointed.  After entering the house while the clients were tucked away in the garage, our case manager felt a very heavy presence in the living room.  After feeling this, he sent one of the investigators into the nephews bedroom where most of the activity was reported.  A few moments later this investigator ran out of the house out of breath and laughing hysterically.  He claimed to have seen a black mass form into the shape of a man while he was sitting on the bed that ran towards him.  He didn’t remember what happened after that as he claimed to have blacked out.  What makes this more intriguing is that his body was reading up to a 2.0 on the EMF meter even while outside.  Two other investigators then investigated in the same bedroom with the nephew present.  The video camera which had 180 minutes of film time left quickly dropped all the way to 3 minutes.  After one of the investigators checked the camera the battery immediately was drained and the camera went dead.  The other investigator had the battery on his Ghost Meter drained as well.  Another claim was that there were images of different apparitions that would appear on the outside security camera monitor which was located in the garage.  Two of our investigators saw what they claimed was a face in one of the trees and glowing eyes near the roof.


Anaheim White House (for television pilot) – Anaheim, CA

Another interesting investigation here.  Cold spots were felt in different locations.  A few members got touched and/or scratched by something.  In the banquet hall a piece of the chandelier fell onto the table after the question, “Can you give us a sign of your presence”?  One of our members got tripped by something while walking down the staircase.  When one of our investigators asked, “Who tripped her”? we got an EVP of someone laughing.

 Conclusion: Haunted 

Rancho Los Alamitos – Long Beach, CA

 Sounds of disembodied footsteps.  Response to spirit box.  Captured some interesting EVP.

“We’re gonna kill you”.

Conclusion: Haunted  

Private Social Club – Van Nuys, CA

I say, “Something just scratched me” and you hear a voice say, “God damn it, Erik”.


Private Residence – Downtown Los Angeles, CA

“All dead”.

 An investigator asks, “Who shot you”? and the response is, “Satan”.


Shadow Ranch Park – Canoga Park, CA

The name “Blue” showed up on the ghost radar.  Blue is the name of one of the resident ghosts.  Intense emotional imprints in the basement, kitchen and carriage house.  One of our investigators acquired a shaky feeling followed by sea legs which caused him to drop to the floor.  Our medium had a very emotional moment downstairs in the kitchen at the same time. EMF spikes were picked up throughout the whole home, especially main room on the first floor.  In the basement a few people felt cold spots pass  by them back and forth.  The lights were turned out on the second floor and everyone went downstairs.  When we went back up, the lights were on.  The caretaker turned the lights off again and walked away.  Two of our investigators walked into a room while another investigator walked down the hallway.  When nobody was standing near the light switch it went on again.  Audible sounds and voices were heard throughout the house.  In the carriage house, one of our investigators saw a shadow against a wall.  We had a lot of results with our EVP and ITC sessions.  We are trying to salvage as much audio as possible as a lot of our evidence was inadvertently erased somehow.

 Conclusion: Haunted 

USS Hornet – Alameda, CA/With Spirit Santa Rosa

We joined another investigative group from Santa Rosa.  Disembodied noises, footsteps and whispers were heard.  We saw shadows in some of the long hallways.  There was a heavy feeling in some of the rooms, especially the Catapult and War rooms.  There were also a couple of interactive sessions using the K-2 meter.

 “Why don’t you stay in here”?

 Conclusion: Haunted

 Stadium Tavern/Hotel California – Fullerton, CA

On this investigation we were joined by an online radio station as well as an investigator from another local group.  We had quite a few false negative base readings with the EMF meter because of electric equipment.  One of the employees had a spirit following her.  This was confirmed with the EMF meter.  After ruling out interference, we were able to get consistent jspikes near this female no matter where she went (inside and outside).  This spirit seemed to be someone who was protecting her and watching over her.  The basement of the restaurant wasn’t as active as we had hoped, but that may have been due to the amount of people inside such a confined space.  Two sensitives both got the impression of people having been chained up a long time ago while we were in the attic of the Hotel California.

 Conclusion: The incident with the spirit following the female employee was interesting.  This was documented on camera.  Some of the areas in the building (the old hotel) had a strong feeling of residual energy.  Overall, there would need to be further investigation in order to call these locations haunted.

“The puppet is in back of you”.

Conclusion: Haunted 

Hollywood Hotel (Formerly Oban) – Hollywood, CA

Heavy feeling on 3rd Floor.  One of our investigators saw a shadow pass by a window in the basement (laundry room).  We talked to a spirit who claimed she was the Black Dahlia by using a pendulum.

“Want you to get out, Hate you, What else”?

 Conclusion: Haunted

 Phillipe Original – Los Angeles, CA

There was a lot of noise pollution due to customers and street traffic.  Three of our members noticed an open door that had been closed.  Nobody had entered or left this room and it required a security code to enter.

Conclusion: Requires further investigation

The Cellar – Fullerton, CA

One of our members got touched by a hand and arm that came out of a wall.  This same spirit tried to pull the spirit box out of this investigator’s hands.  EMF readings were not reliable due to electrical equipment in kitchen.  Growls heard in wine display hall.  A male presence was sensed in the female restroom.   Mirrors and paintings contributed to some of the shadow images that were seen.

“Shoot, get out”.

Two girls had just came out of the restroom and you hear a voice say, “Looked at them”.

  Conclusion:  Haunted  

Founders Memorial Park – Whittier, CA

All investigators present saw shadow people and heard audible anomalous noises.  At one point, after stepping on a concrete slab that was in the ground, everyone experienced a “fun house” effect.  A bench also shook.

Conclusion: Residual energy, possibly intelligent as well 

Wolfe Manor – Clovis, CA 

Shadows seen in basement.  Cold spots in basement.  Communication with multiple entities using spirit box.

Conclusion: Haunted  

Leonis Adobe – Calabasas, CA

One of our prior members got an uneasy feeling in their stomach after being on the grounds for only a short while.  Another member saw a shadow person in the distance.

 Conclusion: Haunted 

Pelicans Retreat – Calabasas, CA

One of our members and a former member saw a shadow person in a doorway.

Conclusion:  Requires further investigation



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