IDW Publishing to Enter the Darkside With New Comic Book Series


Locke & Key fans will have reason to celebrate this summer when Joe Hill (NOS4A2, Wraith) and Gabriel Rodríguez (Onyx) unleash their latest horror series on the world. Tales from the Darkside sees the Eisner Award-winning team reunite on a comic-book revival of the horror anthology TV series of the same name.

The four-issue series will feature Hill’s re-imagining of Tales for a contemporary take on the cult classic. Structured to have the scope of Locke & Key while exploring a vast, underlying mythology, Tales aims to unfold a cohesive universe made up of each individual issue. According to the creative team, these stories will draw inspiration from the TV series that it has spawned from while also taking a meta approach to the material. Hill elaborated further on what his vision for the series is and what fans can expect from the too-good-for-TV story structure:

“This is the show that could’ve been,” says Hill. “The original Tales from the Darkside was a fun, bleak little spin on the Twilight Zone style anthology. My idea is to give readers a little more. Every story is meant to stand alone, but gradually, you will come to see how they all connect, to tell a single larger story.”

While Rodríguez will provide cover art for the series, joining the team will be Charles P. Wilson III (The Wraith) who will contribute variant covers.

“The universe that Joe is building here is wholly unique while still doing justice to the original show,” saidTales from the Darkside editor Michael Benedetto. “And having Gabriel collaborating with him again is the best we could have possibly hoped for. These guys have a proven track record, and this series will only serve to build on their reputations as excellent storytellers and masters of horror and suspense.”

Prepare to enter the ‘Darkside’ this June at your local comic shop – plenty of time to get caught up on Locke & Key before then!

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Post-apocalyptic Thriller Refuge Now Available On VOD, iTunes and Amazon


Refugeis a post­-apocalyptic thriller from Passerby Films. ​Refuge ​was enthusiastically received by audience s last year at multiple festivals around the world, including fan favorites ​Toronto After Dark​, ScreamFest​ and won ​Best Director ​for Andrew Robertson in Sydney a t Australia’s ​Fantastic Planet.

Refuge ​has been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s ​The Road​ as the austere setting a nd large cast of villains are reminiscent of the world that film inhabits. Director Robertson says of the post-­apocalyptic universe: “I wanted to focus on a family living in portray the quiet fear that would become the default if we all went into hiding after a big societal breakdown. I expect life would become a slow burn, interrupted with bursts of fear and violence.”

Refuge’s distributor, Gravitas Ventures, says of Refuge: “Gravitas is excited to be collaborating with the bold and innovative filmmakers behind Refuge and bring these new voices in horror to 100 million homes across North America.”

SYNOPSIS: Refuge ​chronicles the struggles of a family trying to survive in the wake of a deadly and mysterious catastrophic event that has brought America to its knees. Despite their efforts to remain hidden from the pervasive marauders and dangers that surround them, the family is ultimately discovered and forced to fight for survival. But, fighting back has its consequences. 

*the film is now available through VOD on: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, XBOX live and Playstation Network.






Join Golden State Haunts and Valley Investigators of the Paranormal for a special dinner/paranormal investigation February 20 at the haunted Cafe Hidalgo and California Hotel in Fullerton, California

Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin


Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin
Edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard

First 200 orders include a 2.25″ limited edition collector’s button

Blood for You brings together a handful of top-notch horror writers to spin tales
centered around the controversial punk legend.” – Dread Central

Think GG Allin was extreme? You don’t know the half of it.

GG Allin’s exploits are legendary. The music, the shows, the violence, the bodily fluids. But GG Allin was confined to a world where he couldn’t fulfill his potential. He punched and kicked at the boundaries, eager for something bigger, something crazier, something much more fucked up. But the real world refused to give him the adventures he needed.

Now, thanks to underground fiction’s most talented scumfucs, GG is cast in a series of adventures that truly befit his outlaw spirit. In these pages, GG Allin is a secret agent, engaging in cult-smashing missions in exchange for dirty sex with George and Barbara Bush. He’s a shit-eating, spaceship-piloting and time-traveling savior of humanity. He’s an orisha, called upon to save prisoners from ‘roid rage mutant guards. He’s one half of a deepfried onion ring ouroboros with his soulmate John Wayne Gacy. He’s thousands of clones living inside your giant robot body.

190 page 8.5″ x 5.5″ book edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard. Published by WeirdPunk

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Join Golden State Haunts and Valley Investigators of the Paranormal for a Special dinner/investigation February 20 at the haunted Cafe Hidalgo and California Hotel in Fullerton, California

Los Angeles to Welcome The Tension Experience


“We Are What Fear Aspires To Be.  We Are The Dread That Precedes The Dreadful.  All That Was Dark Will Soon Be Light.  The Path To Illumination Begins Here…”.  So says The Tension Experience website once you solve their interactive puzzle.  Once you do you can sign up for future announcements.  Before you unlock the puzzle you’ll notice different quotes from “The Great Beast” himself Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, Charles Manson and Shakespeare.

Once you enter your email you’ll be greeted with a message that says “pledge received” and “you’ll be the first to know“.  Know what?  We’re not sure at this point.  We’re guessing an extreme haunt or an escape room, but you’re guess is as good as ours.  Sign up so you’ll eventually know.

Join Golden State Haunts and Valley Investigators of the Paranormal for a special dinner/paranormal investigation February 20 at the haunted Cafe Hidalgo and California Hotel in Fullerton, California

Top Paranormal Stories Week Ending February 7


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Cooneen Ghost House uncovered


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Mysterious People Who Appeared from Nowhere


Giants walked on Earth: discoveries that will rewrite history


Stranded ‘alien being’ pleads with UFO investigators – MUFON

Come investigate the haunted Cafe Hidalgo and California Hotel in Fullerton, California

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Golden State Haunts Launch Party Dinner/Investigation Cafe Hidalgo Featuring The Black Rose Phantoms, The Rundown Kreeps and Tres Muertos


Join Erik Vanlier (Haunted History, Haunted Encounters, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures) for the website launch of  (your source for horror, Halloween, paranormal and metaphysical news, events and reviews) February 20th from 7pm until 1am for an exclusive dinner/investigation of the very haunted Cafe Hidalgo AND Hotel California in Fullerton, California located at the infamous Via Del Sol (305 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832). There will be special guests, contests, a pychic an a live, intimate performance by The Black Rose Phantoms, Tres Muertos, as well as The Rundown Kreeps.

Live Psychic – Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips is an International Evidential Medium, Psychic and tarot reader. She has been a practicing Reiki Master and energy healing professional for almost 20 years. Jennifer is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic. She is naturally gifted and has studied with Sandra Anne Taylor, International Mediums Sharon Klingler, Janet Nohavec, and many more teachers to further develop and understand her gifts. Jennifer has been a frequent visiting medium at the Spiritualist community in Lilydale, NY.  She is currently part of the monthly, “Psychic Stand-Up” show at Flappers in Burbank and provides private readings and gallery readings providing Messages from the Other Side. Upcoming events are scheduled for the West Los Angeles, and Orange County areas.

Special Guests:
Ace Jordan (director of the critically acclaimed horror movie Silent Retreat)
Trista Robinson (award winning actress – Silent Retreat, (the upcoming) Asmodeus, The Human Race, Jurassic City)
Russ McKamey (owner of the nation’s most controversial extreme haunt McKamey Manor which has an over 30,00 person waiting list)
Adrian Marcato – Founder Heretic Horror House (Adrian was born on Friday the 13th, 1977 in Los Angeles, California.  Marcato is a California native that has worked in and around the film industry since 2004.  Initially became a monster at Knott’s Scary Farm in 2005 and continued to make short films while taking film and screenwriting classes at UCLA.  He also works in the F/X world and it was in 2012 that he began an experiment of combining his years of production experience and F/X that HERETIC was born).

Live Intimate Acoustic Performances:
The Black Rose Phantoms (Based out of Long Beach, CA The Black Rose Phantoms formed in late 2002.  With only a short 8 months the band was asked to join Hellcat Record’s very own Nekromantix as they ventured on a West Coast Tour.  They have performed with world famous groups such as Tiger Army, The Transplants, L.A. Guns, and The Quakes.  Their music features a broad variety of genres such as Metal, Melodic Punk, Psychobilly and Country.  They’re releasing a new album March 26th followed by a European Tour).
The Rundown Kreeps (The Rundown Kreeps is a three piece Ska/Pop-Punkabilly band from Los Angeles.  The groups is a direct product of backyard shows, parking lot mosh pits & drunken acoustic jam sessions after 2am.  With a nice blend of upbeat loud drums, punk rock distortion under technical melodies, a non-stop bass line & honest relatable lyrics; Rundown Kreeps offers a unique sound that music lovers of all genres can appreciate).
Tres Muertos (Tres Muertos is a three-piece psychobilly band that has played with many famous bands at different well-known venues).

We will have full access not only to the restaurant, but also the building that was also the former California Hotel. After hours access to the building is EXTREMELY rare. The California Hotel is 92 years old and used to house a brothel. Cafe Hidalgo is haunted by a spirit named Chuck as well as those of the prostitutes and people who used to stay at the hotel. There are at least four reported suicides including a construction worker who jumped from the third floor in the 1970’s.  The tickets includes an all you can eat past bar,  beverage, tax and tip.  Alcohol and certain menu items (i.e. filet mignon) are an extra charge. We will be investigating util 1am in the morning.


Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 1:00 AM (PST) Add to Calendar
Cafe Hidalgo – 305 North Harbor Boulevard Fullerton, CA 92832


Country’s Biggest Pagan Gathering and Convention Starts Next Friday


Pantheacon, which is expecting more than 2,000 attendees and kicks of February 12, is a weekend long Pagan gathering and convention held in San Jose, CA.

From the website:
Join our huge and varied Pagan, Heathen, Wiccan, Reconstructionist, Indigenous, spiritual and magical groups in education and celebration. As usual we fill the whole hotel with over 14 function rooms for workshops, rituals, and presentations including 4 ballrooms for Vendors along with open house parties.

Notable attendees will be Orion Foxwood, T. Thorn Coyle, Raven Grimassi and Christopher Penczak.

When: February 12-15
Where: San Jose California
Fees: 80 bucks for all four days, day passes (40 bucks) and evening passes (20 dollars) also available.

Visit the Pantheacon website for more information