Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween Review


Last night we were going to watch a supposedly ultraviolent found footage film called the “Pigman Murders”, but we opted for much lighter fare so we decided to pop in Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween, a horror/comedy.  We never had heard of this Laurel and Hardy type duo, but they had made a few previous films.

Paranormal Halloween is one of those movies where after about fifteen to twenty minutes you don’t know if you should keep it on or turn it off.  We decided to keep watching and before we knew it the movie was over, which to us is a sign that we actually enjoyed it.  We don’t know if it was the hot women or all the cameo appearances, but it was able to keep our attention.  Is it a quality movie?  No.  In fact, we would rate it only a few levels above films made by Troma.  Of course Troma is known for making super low budget and extremely campy movies.  The special effects in Paranormal activity are mostly CGI and very low-tech and the few scenes of gore are extremely over-the-top.  This definitely isn’t a movie that will appeal to hardcore horror fans unless they’re looking for a cheap version of a film like “Scary Movie”.  Should or review be taken negatively?  No.  In fact we would recommend the movie if you’re looking for a horror/comedy.


Half-brothers Caesar (Dave Campfield) and Otto (Paul Chomicki) are homeless and living in a car with their father.  Caesar has been dressing up as a woman so that he could earn money as a babysitter.  While babysitting at one house they see a news report about a escaped mental patient named Michael Miles who is an obvious knock-off of Michael Myers who has killed some guards.  He returns to his home which is where Caesar and Otto are staying.  After nearly getting murdered by the killer, Caesar and Otto’s dad accidentally runs over Miles killing him.

The governor sees them as heroes and give them a key to the city which is actually a key to his summer home.  Needing a place to stay, Caesar ignores the stories of tragic events that happened in the past in the home and he along with Otto and their father decided to be caretakers for the house.  Weird things start happening such as objects levitating with activity increasing the closer it gets to Halloween.  Otto believes that his mother, whom his father told him killed herself is actually alive and goes on a search for her.  This leads all three on a paranormal adventure that takes different directions and has several subplots.


The movie is funny at times, but at others it’s obvious they tried so hard to get laughs which actually seems to backfire.  The three main characters, Campfield, Chomicki, and Scott Aguilar have a good onscreen chemistry which leads to mostly laughs, but there are some scenes which seem somewhat awkward.  All the cameos gave a solid performance, but there weren’t any there were specifically noteworthy.

The movie parodies everything from Halloween and Insidious to the Shining and Paranormal Activity.  Once you get into the movie you’ll find it enjoyable unless you’re looking for something especially scary or violent.

New Paranormal, Urban Exploration and Horror Meetup Created


Golden State Haunts and Events has created a new Meetup group called Golden State Haunts, Events and Investigations.  This will allow the public to become involved with more of everything from going on paranormal investigations and urban exploring to going to Halloween events and horror film festivals.  It will also allow more transparency.  Founder Erik Vanlier has appeared on shows such as Haunted History, Haunted Encounters, My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures.  Recent places investigated include The Yost Theater, The California Hotel and an abandoned power house.

For more information visit:

2015 Golden State Haunts and Events Annual Halloween Attractions Awards


This year was a great season for everything Halloween from independent haunted houses to theme parks and live theater.  A lot of thought went into choosing winners and we wanted to recognize those that stood out the most for us.  We want to note that doesn’t mean that the ones not listed weren’t great.  There were a lot of new attractions this year and it seemed to us that the returning haunts and theme parks really amped things up this year.  We want to note that our winner for best experience may seem a little biased, but we’re going off feedback from everyone’s experience and the location living up to its reputation.  We’d also like to note that unfortunately due to other commitments this was the first year we weren’t able to attend any home haunts so those have been omitted from consideration.  So without further ado, here are our winners for 2015.

Best Halloween or Halloween Themed Experience
Investigation Yost Theater and Ritz Hotel


Valley Investigators of the Paranormal along with Golden State Haunts and Events hosted a paranormal investigation at The Yost Theater and the Ritz Hotel.  Before this investigation the only groups to ever investigation both locations were VIP and Ghost Adventures.  Joining this exclusive investigation were members of Paranormal West and PARA.  Both locations lived up to its reputation.  In the Ritz Hotel an investigator’s scarf was pulled and another investigator’s shirt was tugged.  There were unusual malfunctions in one of the rooms were a night vision camera was being used and visible orbs were seen flying through the air.  There were also EVPs captured and intelligent responses on multiple spirit boxes.  In The Yost Theater an investigator was scratched in the basement and the same investigation also had his private area messaged by an unseen force in the balcony.  There were EVPs captured throughout the theater and conversations had with the spirit box, most notably in the balcony where one specific Asian lady kept coming through.  The Hack Shack even said, “Fuck You” in the green room.

Underground Empire Wrestling Presents “Hellbound”

UEW held a special Halloween event where every match was hardcore and saw the crowning of Sean Black as new UEW Heavyweight Champion.  There was also a Pumpkin Patch Death Match where Sage Sin’s mystery opponent turned out to be none other than The Vicious Nomad Homeless Jimmy.  But, the highlight of the night was the Satanic Sanitarium Cage Match which pitted The Resistance (BC Killer, Michael Krueger and The Insaniac) against “Vandal” Andre Verdun, JD Horror and “Halfbreed” Billy Gram in a steel cage match that was filled with weapons.  There was so much bled shed in this match this one of the participants actually passed out after posing for pictures after the match.  If that wasn’t enough there was an all-night movie festival that went into the wee hours of the morning including the premier of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”.  Also shown were “Trick ‘r Treat” and Darren Bousman’s “Tales of Halloween”.

Best New Haunt


This was a hard one as there were so many great new haunts that popped up this year.  The one that stuck out the most for us though was CreepLA.  This is one of those haunts where you can actually feel the energy as it’s located in a 110-yr old abandoned warehouse that’s really haunted.  That alone isn’t enough to garner a win, but it definitely adds to the atmosphere.  What we enjoyed most was that in an interview we were told that one of the inspirations for the haunt was one of our favorite movies “Session 9”.  They were able to pull of the creepy feel of the movie with a great scene featuring Bloody Mary and one featuring Slender Man.  The Slender Man scene where you hide in a box was truly frightening.  While you’re in the claustrophobic box Slender Man appears in the dimly lit room and you can see him lurching in the near distance through port holes in the box.  He comes closer and you can hear horrific scratching on top of the box and see him trying to look through the port holes looking for his prey.  This scene actually makes you feel like you’re being hunted.  There were other parts of the haunt that enabled CreepLA to pull off the theme of “creeps”.

Most Innovative Scene in a Haunt
The 17th Door


This actually goes to another new haunt and there’s actually THREE scenes that really stood out.  The first one is the “buried alive” room where while sitting plastic balls fill the entire room until you get the feeling like you’re actually drowning.  It is amazing how they were able to pull this trick off.  Another scene is the meat locker scene where the temperature suddenly drops into the mid 30’s.  In the room are actual pig carcasses hanging from the ceiling.  The final scene is the autopsy scene where you see a dead Paula (the protagonist of the story).  The room actually smells like death and is filled with live cockroaches (some that actually wind up smashed in an unlucky persons hand or even back).  They actually cut down on this room as the first time we went through there were literally so many of them you couldn’t walk without smashing them and there was also mild nudity.

Most Extreme Haunt (That Isn’t McKamey Manor or The Victim Experience)
Heretic Horror House Hex


This was an easy winner.  Like we said in our review, it became so real so fast that for a moment we actually didn’t know if we were going to be involved with an occult ritual or possibly even injured or killed.  This haunt involved a bloody bed you lay in where real murders occurred.  People who went through Hex were subjected to full-nudity, being scratched, being slapped, being choked and even being puked on.  After we went through we had bruises on our face and our clothes had been torn to shreds and ruined.

Best use of a Location (Other than Dark Harbor)
Alone Index of Absorption


Alone always puts on incredible haunt experiences.  Their locations are used to perfection and always seem to be haunted.  Index of Absorption was no different taking place at the old UCLA Film Archives in Hollywood.  This haunt played a video in the old theater, had you walking around the whole building and even had you crawl under it.  The theme was corporate and there was even a hallway with doors marked like different offices and work spaces such as “Film Lab”.  There was also a puzzle you had to solve which led you to a bookstore where you picked up a business card which had a code on it to open an extra room.

Best New Maze at a Theme Park
Paranormal Inc: Case #1 The Haunting of Hayden Hill (Knott’s Scary Farm)


This maze was right up or alley with the theme being that you’re with a reality film crew filming at a haunted asylum.  This maze had the best opening of any maze we’ve ever seen with high-tech special effects including a ghost that flies right over your head.  This was a fun maze that made you feel like you were at a haunted and abandoned asylum and not only had scare elements, but comedic as well.  The story line was cohesive and the acting was right on point.

Best Maze Set Dressing
Crimson Peak (Universal Halloween Horror Nights)


This was a beautiful maze that puts you right into the hit movie.  As you you go through you actually feel like you’re in the remote gothic mansion in the English hills.  It’s amazing how they were able to put every aspect of the film into a single maze.  They even had the bathtub scene.  We liked it so much that we ventured through Allerdale Hall twice.

Best Costumes in a Theme Park
Queen Mary Dark Harbor


Dark Harbor had everything from ghosts and ghouls to voodoo priestesses and evil clowns.  Each maze had a unique theme with a central character.  The Ringmaster costume is always impressive and the character has been a big hit since its debut.  The simplicity of the Scary Mary costume (paranormal investigators know her as Jackie) was creepy and gave her a real ghostly look.  The Captain looked like what we would expect the spirit of a ship captain to look like and Graceful Gale was elegant and classy.

Best Halloween Theater
Wicked Lit


Taking place at Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery, Wicked Lit is Broadway quality theater that takes place in a really cool location.  The acting, set design and special effects are all amazing.  We were especially impressed with The Fall of the House of Usher which took place in the mausoleum.  The acting was superb and what was done with the set dressing and lighting left us in awe.  The way the event was organized with three different groups seeing three different plays at the same time and all meeting at a central point where there was theater in the round was well orchestrated.

Best Haunted Theme Park
Dark Harbor Queen Mary


Everyone we talked to who attended Dark Harbor thought the same thing, that it was amazing.  There was only one new maze, Lullaby, but all the returning mazes were pretty much completely redone.  Lullaby actually startled us at some points and the character of Scary Mary (who was played by different actors) really enjoyed playing the part and had fun with us playing hide-and-seek and saying things such as, “are you my new friend”?  Soulmate had more gore and was scarier than last year featuring an all new ending.  Circus had a new feel as it felt more like a funhouse and there was one really neat scene where you crawl through plastic balls (like at Chuck E Cheese) with a clown waiting at the end.  The other two mazes, Deadrise and Voodoo also were redone and seemed to be more intense than previous years.  There was also nonstop entertainment, an all new Anubis Paintball and a bar with a stage where you could see side show acts and even The Ringmaster.

Check In To Ward 13


Upon arriving at Raymond Hill Sanitarium you’re given instructions by the one of the asylum guards which include not to look into the patients eyes as they may take it as a sign of aggression.  As you walk down a hallway an emergency occurs which the guards aren’t too sure of.  After being put into a pitch black safety zone you’re let out only to be thrust right into the Sanitarium.

Inside you’ll find patients, nurses and doctors who you’ll interact with as you journey through Raymond Hill.  Each scene is a different room in the asylum and you may find yourself in a patient’s room showing you her artwork or taking a pill at the dispensary.  The patients though aren’t the only ones you’ll have to worry about.

You’ll crawl through dark passage ways, some of which are in unsuspecting locations, or find yourself getting your own shock therapy.  There’s one really cool experience where you’ll find yourself “taking a ride” in the outdoor rec yard.  All hell breaks loose at this point and the only way to escape is to go through the notorious Ward 13 which you’re warned is dangerous and high security.

Ward 13 in a way is an addendum to the first part of the maze at it’s in here where the patients are even more out of control than you even could imagine.  It’s in Ward 13 where you’ll find the doctors and nurses taking care of the most aggressive.  You’ll find a nurse giving a rather extreme lobotomy, but not before administering a giant needle which might contain a surprise.  One lucky visitor might actually be asked to administer shock therapy.  Oh ya, there’s also the possibility that one or more of the patients might actually be possessed.

We’ve gone to every experience Evil Twin Studios (the parent company of the haunt) have put on and have loved every one.  There’s always unique concepts you won’t find in any other haunt and this is no exception.  You might be “absorbed” in a painting or have to “hide” under a bed.  The children’s ward is especially creepy and uses actual children who by playing childhood games in this type of setting, some might actually find scary.  Like Raymond Hill Mortuary, there is no cohesive story other than to become a part of the actually setting.  The sanitarium, with all of its different rooms is very lifelike and makes you actually feel like you’re in and out-of-control and maybe even haunted asylum (we don’t want to give anything away).

The haunt ends next weekend so we definitely recommend you try to make some time to visit.  It’s a great value and the experience lasts about twenty minutes (depending on how fast you can escape).

Alone: Absorption – A Review of the Final Unweave the Rainbow Installment


We’ve completed the Unweave the Rainbow series that Alone has created with its final installment called Absorption.  During this journey we have been immersed in a surreal experience where we learned about ourselves and the properties of light.  Absorption is the interception of radiant energy or sound waves.  This is a much darker experience that takes you even deeper into your self.


The event takes place at a facility that was once used for film processing and the location is used to perfection.  Alone centers itself with the locations it uses.  Through the 45 minute experience you’ll go through the different rooms and passageways of the building seeing a different scene.  Some of them were scary while others were slightly disturbing or even funny.

From what we got out of our experience is that you become an employee of Alone or bigger yet, The Enola Foundation.  We won’t give anything away, but you’re put to different tests, shown a few clips that talk about being alone and the properties of light, then receive a company mission statement.  Like Alone experiences in the past, most of the characters within aren’t even in makeup or costume, but there are some that have taken on a rather mysterious persona including being dressed as corporate employees.


This is a much darker experience than the past few Alone installments and you will be touched, grabbed, pushed around and even danced with.  They’ve incorporated some really cool elements which include an interaction with an unseen voice and the creative use of a chair.

This was one of our favorite experiences at Alone, only being beat out by the first year.  But maybe that’s because we got a chance to do a paranormal investigation at the location it was held at before we went through.  This location as well has a weird vibe and sorry to use the pun, but at times when there’s no one else around you’ll actually feel like you’re not alone.


Before you even go through Absorption you have the chance to unlock a clue that will take you into another room.  The acting in the scene is incredible, as is all the acting in Alone.  Although at times creepy, the experience is absolutely beautiful and spellbinding.  Not only is it a haunt, but rather a living art piece that explores the human element.  You have one more week to check it out and we say that it is must!  We can’t wait to see what they have in store next time around.

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Extends Into November And Adds Academy of Villians And DJ Ricky Rocks


For the First Time Ever, Universal Studios Hollywood Extends

“Halloween Horror Nights” into November, Adding Two Terrifying More Nights

on November 6-7 and Featuring All-New, Original Entertainment to the Twisted Line-Up

Versatile Dance Group Academy of Villains and Innovative DJ Ricky Rocks

Step into the Spotlight with Added Jabbawockeez Shows, including Meet and Greets

Before Heading to MGM Grand Las Vegas for Sold-Out Performances

Universal City, CA, October 20, 2015 – The terror of “Halloween Horror Nights” seeps into November for the first time ever as Universal Studios Hollywood extends its popular event with the addition of Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7, inviting guests to brave Southern California’s most extreme horror event one last time. The cutting-edge Halloween event marks new nights with all-new content, including performances by the versatile dance group, Academy of Villains, and the talented DJ Ricky Rocks.

Hailed as the scariest, most gruesome annual Halloween theme park experience in Southern California, “Halloween Horror Nights” brings together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror inspired by TV and film’s most compelling horror properties. 

Energetic hip-hop dance performances by the Jabbawockeez headlining this year’s new show have proven so popular that Universal Studios Hollywood has added a special meet and greet opportunity for fans as part of its “Halloween Horror Nights” experience. These additional nights also provide guests with a last chance to see the award-winning dance crew before they depart Los Angeles for sold-out performances at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

The additional “Halloween Horror Nights” will keep its pulse on the beat with the inclusion of the multitalented and versatile Academy of Villains theatrical dance company renowned for their intense choreography, jaw-dropping stunts and spectacular illusions.  Innovative DJ, drummer and percussionist Ricky Rocks will also add to the spellbinding atmosphere when he brings his distinctive sounds to the final days of “Halloween Horror Nights” and further amplifies the energy of the event.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at, including a Front of Line ticket option which enables guests to enjoy priority access to each “Halloween Horror Nights” maze, “Terror Tram,” Jabbawockeez show and theme park attractions.  Advance purchase is recommended as event nights will sell out. 

Halloween Horror Nights” continues on October 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, and November 1, 6 and 7.

This year’s mazes feature “Guillermo del Toro Presents Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness,” “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far,” “Insidious: Return to the Further,” “This is the End 3D,” “Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home,” “AVP: Alien vs. Predator,” and “Terror Tram: Survive the Purge.” 

Imaginative scare zones continue to weave the terror together as guests navigate the mazes and include “The Purge: Urban Nightmare,” “Exterminatorz,” “Corpz” and “Dark Christmas.”

As a complement to the nighttime event, Universal’s most popular rides and attractions are open to guests.

For more information about “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood, visit Join the “Halloween Horror Nights” conversation using #UniversalHHN on Facebook at Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood and Instagram, Twitter and Periscope @HorrorNights.  Add username HorrorNights on Snapchat for nightly live content and watch the terror come to life on Halloween Horror Nights YouTube.

We Went to Hell at Drunken Devil’s The Sinner’s Soiree


24-year old Matt Dorado came up with the idea of creating Drunken Devil one night when he was drinking at a bar in Downtown, Los Angeles.  Then he decided to come up with a new haunt which he called The Sinner’s Soiree.  With Sinner’s Soiree he wanted to create an old-style haunt with black walls.  The haunt takes you to Hell via New Orleans.  It’s filled with can-can dancers, voodoo queens, Jokers and other Southern themed characters.  When you go through Sinner’s Soiree you’ll feel like you’re walking down a haunted Rue Bourbon.  The haunt is located at the Think Tank Gallery in Downtown LA.


When we went through the maze on media night not all the lighting was setup but we found it to be entertaining and the other people we were with seemed to enjoy it as they got quite a few jump scares.  Inside you will find some pretty cool scenes including an elaborate bar scene.  Speaking of bars, one of the things that separates Sinner’s Soiree from other haunts is that they actually have a bar.  So before or after going through the haunt you can relax with a drink or two.  There is also live entertainment.  On media night they had Mudd the Magician performing magic as well as two girls doing a burlesque dance.


The maze is somewhat short but you can fill out the night with the bar and live entertainment.  It’s an interesting concept overall. For example, instead of playing industrial music or heavy metal through the haunt they actually play the blues.  The makeup for the devil is very impressive and we enjoyed the unique characters.