EFM: All I Need Drops New Trailer and Stills

allineedAll I Need is currently being shopped at the European Film Market.  It’s directed by Dylan K. Narang and stars Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Melvin and Leah McKendrick.  Check out the trailer and stills below.

A young woman, Chloe, wakes bound and gagged in a dirty motel room. Disoriented, it only takes a moment to realize the horrifying situation she finds herself in. The room is filled with other young women, not unlike her: beautiful, undressed, and bound. However, she’s the only one that wakes up – and the only one that can hide when the Killer who’s set it all in motion comes to make his withdrawal from the room. 

Concurrently, a man desperate for work, Andrew, takes a new job to provide for the daughter his estranged wife keeps from him. The new job pays plenty, but increasingly questions Andrew’s morals and will force him to ask how far he will go as his new “work” comes face-to-face with Chloe’s predicament.

“The film has the perfect amount of scare, tension and intensity.” -HorrorNews.net

“The horror tree has many branches. Although there are torture elements to ALL I NEED, this movie falls under a suspense/thriller rather than torture porn. Written and Directed by Dylan K. Narang, ALL I NEED presents an interesting story with some unique reasoning.”-Scaredstiffreviews.com







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