Brainpie Media to Begin Production On Two Unique Horror Films

In the past decade, writer/director Jim DeVault and his team at Brainpie Media Productions have produced and distributed six feature films in the horror and thriller genres, from The Sisters Four in 2008, to the Blood Reunion trilogy completed in 2015. On top of that, there is an anthology titled Stories in the Night in in production for release later in 2016.
All of them well received, and every one, in the tradition of all independent productions,
produced with no budget, but lots of talent and dedication. Their Jebadiahs Axe (2013) was selected as an official screener at both the Famous Monsters and Twisted Tails film festivals.
Now, however, they are on to something new: two features that, while within the horror genre, are completely different from anything out there now.
In 2015, after directing two features back-to-back, the second and third Blood Reunion films, in which director Jim DeVault also took on an acting role, he took a year off to recoup his energy and do some writing.
One of the things he wrote was a dark comedy, Pastor Rabbitts Revival, about a traveling
sideshow in the guise of a tent revival, and one fatal night when Death (literally) reaps a few souls after the show. The novel has been published, and now the fun begins as he prepares to make the film version.
I enjoy doing horror films, DeVault says, but I want to do something that makes them sit back and say huh?. Pastor Rabbitt does that; it gives you a few chuckles, some things to think about, and kills a few people off horribly. What more could you ask for?
Also, is a film based on the graphic novel written by Roberto Mercado, Azteq and the Prowler of the Lonely Woods, which is a fond pastiche of the Santo and Blue Demon movies that came out of Mexico in the 60s and 70s. It has a fun blend of wrestling action, and throws in some more modern slasher action, as the wrestler Azteq tries to track down the deformed psycho killer.  Several well-known wrestlers have already signed on to do cameos. Its being produced by Nicole Holt, one of DeVaults regular company, and hardcore wrestling fanatic.
Azteq will be special, adds DeVault, It will appeal to the slasher audience, the wrestling fans, and both English and Spanish language countries. Lots of people are excited about it.
Both films are in the development stage and seeking funding, so if you want to jump in on a profit sharing deal, let them know. Beyond that, DeVault (always the surrealist) has a trilogy of surreal outings planned called Triptych. The future promises to be busy for the team.

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