Live-Evil Review


Scheduled for a mass release sometime in 2016, Live-Evil, written and directed by Ari Kirschenbaum has been hailed as “Ghost Busters meets Dawn of the Dead Trapped in the Twilight Zone”. The first half of the movie starts out in black and white and opens with Deputy Hancock (Charlene Amoia) on a routine call on a country road when she receives a call from dispatch to attend to a situation at a gated mansion. No one answers the mansion’s gate speaker forcing Hancock to scale the wall when all the lights go out. She hears gunshots and heads to the front door where a mass of children all dressed in the same costume come running out. She enters the mansion and sees dead bodies all on the floor. Then she heads upstairs where in one of the bedrooms she sees a naked woman who is a demon sitting in a chair. She takes the woman into custody and brings her to the station where the power of the demon causes everyone to see her as their worst nightmare.liveevil2

People start getting killed at the station but then reanimate. The zombies look more like the aliens from “They Live” then a typical zombie. They’re also much smarter and are able to think and use weapons. It’s up to the local church pastor played by Tony Todd (Candyman) to try to exorcise the demon and bring the small town back to normal.

liveevil3Live-Evil is a fun movie. We like that the first half is in black and white giving it a nostalgic feel. It’s also kind of refreshing to see zombies portrayed as intelligent rather than they usually are as stumbling around. The performances by Amoia and Todd were well done as was the character of Sam played by Vincent M. Ward. The special effects, makeup and costumes are all low budget but this is definitely a movie B-movie fans will definitely love.

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