Are There Ghosts in the House on Pine Street


Aaron and Austin Keeling have created a creepy and atmospheric haunted house movie with “The House on Pine Street”. In the movie, seven months pregnant Jennifer (Emily Goss) has moved to a Kansas house with her husband Luke (Taylor Bottles) which is a step up from their apartment in suburban Chicago. It turns out the move was facilitated by Jennifer’s overbearing mother Meredith (Cathy Barnett) who wants Luke to do more with his life than be a bartender and wants the baby to be born in a more rural environment.  Meredith imposes herself by throwing a housewarming party and inviting her own friends including Walter (Jim Korinke) a so-called psychic who states that the house has weird energy. Absent from the party is Jennifer’s friend Lauren (Natalie Pellegrini).


Jennifer receives weird stares from the people in the neighborhood as if they’re holding a secret. She starts to experience weird events in the house such as seeing someone in the bathroom, having the crockpot lid move on its own and hearing weird noises coming from the attic. The film was shot in an 1800’s house that is supposedly actually haunted and the cinematography uses the environment to perfection. Jump scares aren’t something you’ll find in this movie, but rather a slow buildup and tension.


When Lauren comes to visit the house we’re introduced to her toddler son who is very creepy. He stares and talks to only something he can see. Experiencing paranormal events herself Jennifer is very concerned and her and Lauren hold a seance. Things only get worse but Luke and Meredith think that Jennifer is going crazy and having a mental breakdown. Jennifer didn’t want to leave Chicago and isn’t happy that she’s having the baby. In fact we find out that she tried to self abort.


Emily Goss portrays Jennifer with a genuine feel that makes you empathize for the character. You’re left wondering if she’s really going crazy of if the house is actually haunted.

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