The Pigman Murders Review


In The Pigman Murders seven friends hike to the Connamara mountains in Ireland with a hired cameraman in tow to film a documentary to give to the family of a friend who died from stomach cancer a year earlier.  The movie is a found footage piece that combines elements of The Blair Witch Project and The Hills Have Eyes.

We don’t find out enough about the friends or their background to really sympathize with them when the attacks start to happen.  Basically, we see them for a few moments meeting each other after not having seen each other for a long time before they take off for the wilderness where they talk on camera about their friendship with their fallen friend and give a message to the family.

After tensions rise while on the trip between a few of the friends they stumble upon a man who’s badly beaten who tells them about some killers in pig masks who killed his girlfriend.  The masked men also took one of the friends’ own so they each go off in their own direction to look for him.

The friends start getting killed one by one.  We don’t really see the killings, only the aftermath.  The pigmen also aren’t seen all that much until the end of the film, but there’s sound effects of pig grunts and snorting.  There is one creepy scene where one of the masked men is seen only for a brief second through night vision.  We don’t find out why the masked men are in the wilderness which is kind of frustrating.  We would like to know why a group of three men in pig masks are hanging out in the wilderness just waiting for people to kill.

The movie never really builds up any suspense and there doesn’t seem to be much of a story arc.  After a slow beginning to the film the killings just happen suddenly with no explanation.  We weren’t impressed with The Pigman Murders, but if you’re into movies like Motel Hell where people kill dressed in a pig mask you might want to check it out.


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