Hole Review


In Hole, convicted serial killer Ed Kunkle (Ed Respass) is dealing with personal demons brought on by a childhood of abuse at the hands of his mother who tied him up to a chair in a shed and forced him to witness “the conjugal rite” between her and her husband.  His mother tells him that he doesn’t need to believe in God or Jesus and that if he doesn’t do his chores such as taking out the trash he’ll be sent to a foster home.  Fed up with the abuse he decides to kill his mom.

Now as an adult, Ed is abducting women with blonde hair, the same color hair as his mom and taking them to the shed which is now filled with rotted heads, skeletons, fingers and other body parts where he ties them up and then kills them with a mallet.  The demons in his head cause him to commit the killings as he’s tormented by his past and the voices in his head.  His parole office sends him to see a priest named Father Michael (Dennis Haggard) who tells Ed that he needs to be responsible for the choices he makes in life.  Meanwhile detective Bodie Jamison (Jim Barile) who’s also working with Ed is having nightmares of Ed killing him in the shed.

Ed’s friend and single mom Eve Adams (Teem Lucas) is dealing with the kidnapping and gruesome murder of her baby.  Eve, Ed and Bodie’s lives all become intertwined as the three of them have to deal with personal nightmares.

The film deals with childhood trauma, abuse, religion and grief.  We’re surprised that the film only received a 5.5 rating on IMDB as it was well written and everyone gave a stellar performance, especially the character of Ed who we’re able to witness his sadistic side and struggles, while at the same time empathizing with him for his abuse, loneliness and glimpses of compassion.  The only thing we were a little confused about was the ending.

Rest in peace Ed Respass who died in 2014



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