Creepy Cherub Distribution is pleased to announce the online release of THE EDGE OF REALITY a feature length anthology movie by Albany filmmaker Joe Bagnardi.

An anthology feature made up of three horror tales produced & directed by independent filmmaker Joe Bagnardi. Hosted by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Starring: Bill Chaput, Bruce G. Hallenbeck, Mary Kay Hilko, Ron Rausch, Gary Secor, Dan Bailey and Jeff Kirkendall. 

Dead Man: A tell-tale heart type story about a game warden who just won’t stay dead!

The Maze: About a man who comes face to face with his own worst enemy – himself!
The Quarry: A modern Bigfoot story.
Unrated – contains violence, language, gore and adult situations

Creepy Cherub Distribution is a subsidiary of Archangel Productions LLC, a Glens Falls NY based production company and was created with the intent to give low budget independent movie makers an open door to show their movies to a worldwide audience. It was also created to give independent filmmakers a fair income without a distribution company unfairly taking a movie makers share for unnecessary expenses.

To view and support
THE EDGE OF REALITY online as well as other works by indie filmmakers please visit:

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