The Hallow Review


First time director Corin Hardy’s (he already assigned to the remake of The Crow) debut with the Irish folk tale The Hallow is a creature feature masterpiece that will have fanboys drooling.

Tree conservationist Adam (Joseph Mawle) and his wife Claire (Bojana Novakovic move from London to an Irish millhouse where Adam takes his son Finn and dog into the woods to go to work with him.  They discover a dear carcass dripping black goo that Adam collects to bring back to the house to study.  Adam discovers that it’s a “zombie fungus” that attaches to and takes control of its host.  We’re told early on in the movie that if you trespass in the forest the forest will trespass on you.


Strange things start to happen at the house including a broken window in the room that Finn sleeps in that Adam thinks is a neighbor.  A police officer tells him, “This isn’t London and here things do go bump in the night”.

Neighbor Colm Donnelly (Michael McElhatton) tries to tell the couple that entering the forest puts the baby at risk, but Adam doesn’t believe in fairies, banshees, changelings, baby stealers and other creatures that lurk in the forest.  Claire is given a book by Colm that talks about the creatures in the forest including the baby stealers which Adam reads and soon he realizes that there might be some truth to the stories.


The creatures appear as a combination of puppets, animatronics,  prosthetics and CGI.  The action really kicks off when Adam gets locked in his car trunk while he hears loud scratching all around and something tries to get to Finn.

We were led to believe by the way the movie ends that there may be a sequel.



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