Hashtag Horror Review


#horror is a slasher/art film by first time director Tara Subkoff.  The film actually features a pretty impressive cast including Chloe Sevigny, Balthazar Getty and Timothy Hutton who puts on a stellar performance as a widowed father who goes looking for his daughter Cat (Haley Murphy) who goes missing after she’s kicked out of a pre-teen slumber party.


The movie takes places in a home that’s an architectural masterpiece in the Connecticut hills owned by by Alex (Sevigny) which features a gallery worth or art pieces.  The young girls are obsessed with their cell phones on which they play a social media game that’s part Candy Crush, part Twitter and part Instagram.  They take pictures  with the app tagging each other with mean tags racking up points along the way.


During the slumber party the girls play different games such as dressing up in expensive jewelry and masks (think Purge), dancing and swimming.  The whole while they’re bullying each other with Cat being so mean making fun of an overweight girl and telling her that she should just kill herself until the party’s host actually kicks Cat out into the woods.  Little is it known that there’s a killer on the loose who isn’t revealed until the final act.  Who it winds up being might actually surprise you.


The movie is slowing until the final twenty minutes or so, but the cinematography and set dressing keeps it easy to watch.  The young girls actually give a pretty decent performance and Hutton’s acting is excellent especially when he confronts the girls about his missing daughter.

#horror is definitely a social commentary on bullying and the obsession with cell phones and social media.  The film isn’t as violent as some slasher fans might like and it does move a little slow, but we found it entertaining and different.  We wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending it.



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