GSHE Meetup Group to Host Holiday Dinner at a Haunted Restaurant and Devil’s Gate Investigation


Have dinner with friends (old and new) at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Duarte. The building used to be a school that was established in 1909. The basement was used as a morgue for the Japanese Internment Camp that was across the street at the Santa Anita Racetrack. There’s many paranormal stories related to the locations that may be caused by a principal that hung himself, a kid that was accidentally shot by a police officer after he broke into the building when it was boarded up and four kids who fell down the stairs leading to the basement who died from head injuries. Children’s laughing is heard, objects have been seen to move and there’s been the sound of a piano playing. We will have the “hideaway” room reserved until 10pm.


After dinner we will head to Devil’s Gate Dam where I personally have had some of my craziest experiences. This is near where Jack Parsons who was involved with Aleister Crowley’s OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis) performed his Babylon Working (a sex magick ritual that was to create an anti-Christ to take over the world). It is said that this ritual opened a portal at this location that the Native Americans already considered to be cursed. There have been children disappearances and well as two documented murders.


We will meet near the intersection of Alberta St and North Arroyo Blvd in Altadena

Here are some of the EVPs we captured last time we were there.

To join our Meetup group visit

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