Interview With Lights Out (A New Extreme Haunt Coming to Los Angeles in 2016)

Not much is known about Lights Out.  In fact, they’re not even starting their Kickstarter campaign until next February.  What we do know is that it will be an extreme haunt where you’ll encounter unsettling situations and be asked to complete tasks. We recently sat down with founder Edward De Leon to conduct an exclusive interview.
1. Can you tell us a little about Lights Out?
LightsOUT is a Los Angeles based haunt which will take guests into an extra sensory universe, leaving the real world in the light and immersing guests into total darkness. With each second ticking away will you be able to escape before… Times out?   Due to the nature of the event, guests will be asked to sign a waiver
2. Who are the creators behind Lights Out?
Founders and creators of LightsOUT are Edward and Jonathan
3. Do they have experience in the haunt industry?
Both have experience within the haunt community. Edward has been apart of The Haunted Diary and 17th door as a scare actor. Jonathan has previously been part of being a story developer for a home haunt in Corona.Throughout 7 years, what once began as a simple walk through haunted house, turned into a full on neighborhood event as well as winning awards through FearNet and recognition from the Travel Channel. Both also enjoy visiting the many haunts SoCal has to offer
4. What was the inspiration for the haunt?
Inspiration came from an idea of doing a one room haunt. Through story development, LightsOUT was created
5. Was the haunt inspired by any horror movies?  If so which ones?
Not particularly but inspiration can come from anywhere. Often we see effects done in movies and it gives us ideas to bring those effects to life within our haunt
6. Is Lights Out already funded are can we expect a Kickstarter or other social funding?
We are currently creating LightsOUT completely from scratch. We are expecting to begin Kickstarting in Early February
7. Is there already a location secured?
Location is still being decided on but rest assured it will be in Los Angeles. The city itself will be apart of the story
8.  What type of haunt would this be classified as?  Extreme, interactive, etc.
LightsOUT will be extreme, interactive, and theatrical. With these combined, we will be creating a whole new genre of haunt experience
9. Without giving away any spoilers, what types of things can we expect to find at the haunt?
With many high tech effects, we believe of taking the traditional concept of a haunt and creating it into the first of its kind. Also, no two experiences will be alike
10.  Is this going to be a one year thing or do you have long term plans?
10. We have many ideas already in the development with each year being a different theme. No matter what, guests will not know what to expect with the lights out.

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