Crimson Peak Review


A young Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) says in the beginning of Crimson Peak that, “Ghosts are real”.  She has her first encounter with one after her mother dies from a terrible disease and visits her one night telling her to “Beware of Crimson Peak”.

The movie flash forwards years later where Edith (an inspiring author) has written a story with ghosts in it that she says are a metaphor.  Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) then enters the bank where Edith works where he tries to get a loan from Edith’s father for a new invention that extracts clay.

Sharpe falls in love with Edith (or so it seems) but her father will have none of it.  He dies under mysterious terms and Edith moves to Allerdale Hall with Thomas which is called Crimson Peak because of the abandoned clay mine under the property that bleeds through the ground making everything red.


Living in Allerdale Hall are Edith, Sir Thomas Sharpe and his sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain).  This is where a love triangle comes in (if we’re to believe Thomas really loves Edith) as we find that Thomas and his sister are actually in an a relationship of their own.  Edith not only has to deal with the ghosts of Crimson Peak, but also the fact that Lucille has been poisoning her which she discovers when she finds a phonograph on the bottom floor of the house (where’s she told to never go).  We find out that the living may be more dangerous than the spirits that inhabit Allerdale.  It’s discovered that when they were kids Thomas and Lucille killed their mother in a gruesome way with her being one of the spirits that haunts the house.

The cinematography in the film is spectacular being helped in part by the gorgeous sets.  The acting overall is pretty good although the chemistry between Edith and Thomas at times is a little flat.  Lucille’s character is brilliant with her getting creepier and it seems more demented the further the movie goes.  Crimson Peak has some of the best ghosts we have seen, being mostly actors with some CGI.  The movie however lacks suspense and the scares are more in your face without having an actual build up.  Be warned that there are some murder scenes in the film that are ultraviolent with a lot of blood and gore.


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