No Reservations Needed at Motel 6 Feet Under


Motel 6 Feet Under is a great local haunt located in the Anaheim Business Expo Center.  Founder Carolyn Carpenter and her family started the haunt five years ago in a tent.  Now the stand-alone haunt located in an actual building mixes traditional scares along with technological advancements.

This isn’t your typical haunt as there’s actually different pathways where you can get lost.  We went to one dead-end where there was a door with an image of a monster behind it.  We tried to turn the doorknob and an elaborate scene played out before us.  We went back the way we had came and somehow the whole room had suddenly changed.  There was now a door that said “push” that we went through that took us to a new set.

This is only one of the really cool things that you’ll find in Motel 6 Feet Under.  Before you even enter the haunt you wait in a lobby where there’s all types of neat props, some of them actual antiques from Carolyn’s own collection.  The decor gives off a truly haunted feel.  In one corner sits a 1950’s television set with a face that presses out of it.  The haunt is filled with a mixture of traditional scares and some more advanced.  In one hallway there’s an apparition of a little girl that appears and disappears all the while moving closer to you.  There’s also one part with really loud barrels that we haven’t seen before at a haunt.


The theme obviously is a haunted motel.  Motel 6 feet Under I would consider to be a family friendly haunt as there’s no blood, gore or sexual situations.  Instead it does a good job of portraying the supernatural.  Carolyn plans to build an actual motel where you can be scared throughout the night.  We wonder if it will actually be haunted.

Motel 6 Feet Under is actually a non-profit haunt that has a program set up called BOO or Building Occupational Opportunities.  It provides job training in theatrical arts construction for under-deserved adults that helps teaches them job skills to help get them on a good path.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2016, but definitely recommend keeping them on your radar as they’re a great traditional haunt that helps the community.


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