Check In To Ward 13


Upon arriving at Raymond Hill Sanitarium you’re given instructions by the one of the asylum guards which include not to look into the patients eyes as they may take it as a sign of aggression.  As you walk down a hallway an emergency occurs which the guards aren’t too sure of.  After being put into a pitch black safety zone you’re let out only to be thrust right into the Sanitarium.

Inside you’ll find patients, nurses and doctors who you’ll interact with as you journey through Raymond Hill.  Each scene is a different room in the asylum and you may find yourself in a patient’s room showing you her artwork or taking a pill at the dispensary.  The patients though aren’t the only ones you’ll have to worry about.

You’ll crawl through dark passage ways, some of which are in unsuspecting locations, or find yourself getting your own shock therapy.  There’s one really cool experience where you’ll find yourself “taking a ride” in the outdoor rec yard.  All hell breaks loose at this point and the only way to escape is to go through the notorious Ward 13 which you’re warned is dangerous and high security.

Ward 13 in a way is an addendum to the first part of the maze at it’s in here where the patients are even more out of control than you even could imagine.  It’s in Ward 13 where you’ll find the doctors and nurses taking care of the most aggressive.  You’ll find a nurse giving a rather extreme lobotomy, but not before administering a giant needle which might contain a surprise.  One lucky visitor might actually be asked to administer shock therapy.  Oh ya, there’s also the possibility that one or more of the patients might actually be possessed.

We’ve gone to every experience Evil Twin Studios (the parent company of the haunt) have put on and have loved every one.  There’s always unique concepts you won’t find in any other haunt and this is no exception.  You might be “absorbed” in a painting or have to “hide” under a bed.  The children’s ward is especially creepy and uses actual children who by playing childhood games in this type of setting, some might actually find scary.  Like Raymond Hill Mortuary, there is no cohesive story other than to become a part of the actually setting.  The sanitarium, with all of its different rooms is very lifelike and makes you actually feel like you’re in and out-of-control and maybe even haunted asylum (we don’t want to give anything away).

The haunt ends next weekend so we definitely recommend you try to make some time to visit.  It’s a great value and the experience lasts about twenty minutes (depending on how fast you can escape).


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