Haunted Stadium: Field of Screams Review


We’ve been meaning to get out to The Haunted Stadium in Lake Elsinore for around five years now.  Unfortunately, coming from the San Fernando Valley has been a little bit of a challenge with all the haunts we have to cover and the paranormal investigations we do.  Last night we finally had some free time to go visit and we had a great time at this local haunt.  Field of Screams is the creation of two young brothers (Zachary and Jeremy Ball) two haunt entrepreneurs who have a love for all things Halloween.  We want to thank them for inviting us out last night to check out their creation, which is an old school haunt experience that as someone growing up with Bob and Dave’s Spooky House can really appreciate.  One thing they told us they sometimes get complaints about is that a lot of the actors seem to be young.  We think this is a good thing, as it gives them a chance to experience Halloween and keeps them busy.

Holidays of Horror


This is a really fun maze that takes a twisted view of the holidays.  All of them are included here, even The 4th of July, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  There’s one scene for The 4th of July featuring fireworks that we thought was really cool.  The leprechaun who jumped out at us for the St. Patrick’s Day scene was really cute and there’s even an opportunity to take a photo with a drunk Santa.

House of Nightmares


This is more your traditional black wall haunt, but it has one element that’s really neat.  Before you enter you’re given a flashlight which lights up at each of the scenes.  In-between are dark walkways where you never know what’s right around the corner.  This maze tells the story of a young girl who seems to be having a recurring nightmare.  She’s stalked at night by the creatures that inhabit her bedroom.  The flashlight element gives this maze a really spooky feeling and for some reason you can feel energy (paranormal?) in this attraction that isn’t part of the haunt.

Roadkill Cafe


Roadkill Cafe reminded us of the Slaughterhouse maze a few years back at Knott’s Scary Farm.  This is the Bloodshed Brothers own version though which is completely different.  A roadside diner has been taken over by cannibals and killers in this maze which features elaborate sets and some really good acting.  This was one of our favorite mazes of the night.

Exorcism Reborn


You may have seen the main scene from this maze at this year’s ScareLA.  A lady in church is performing an exorcism when everything goes wrong.  This haunt features a lot of Satanic graffiti and scenes including characters who seem to be possessed.  Exorcism Reborn was a really fun maze for us as we love everything paranormal.  When something is really good, as journalists we have to state the cons as well.  The only thing that we noticed about this maze is that when we were waiting outside the actors broke character.  But, they’re young and only having fun so we can overlook that.

Cannibal Island 3D

This maze features the haunted elevator that Field of Screams has used in the past.  We don’t know why there would be an elevator that leads you into the jungle/rain forest, but we haven’t been in one them for a long time and it was kind of fun.  This is the traditional 3D maze, however we weren’t donning the glasses so we didn’t get the full effect.  Cannibal Island has some pretty cool costumes and makeup as well as a couple of fun bridges to cross over.  There was one actor inside really on point who actually gave us a pretty decent jump scare.

For more information visit: http://www.hauntedstadium.com/


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