Interview With Filmmaker James Cullen Bressack


At only 23, James Cullen Bressack already has a ton of credits to his name including as a director, producer, actor and other titles.  Those films have won him seventeen awards in the horror industry and he already has a lot of projects he’s assigned to for 2016.  One of his most famous films is the controversial “Hate Crime” which has been banned in a few countries.  You can read our review here:  Recently we sat down with James to ask him a few questions.

GSHE: Is there anything you’re currently working on?

JCB: I’m wrapping up post on both “Bethany” and “Limelight”.


GSHE: Can you talk a little bit about those films?

JCB: “Bethany” is about a girl who inherits her childhood home from her recently decease mother only to find that her imaginary friend still lives there.  It’s like a cerebral horror film.  “Limelight” is about a young would-be actor who moves to Hollywood from a small town hoping to become famous.

GSHE: Where have you gotten some of your inspirations from?

JCB; I’m just heavily inspired by the movies I watch and really i just try to make movies that I think I would enjoy because I’m an avid film watcher and an avid film fan.  i just try to make movies where I would say, “Hey!  That’s something that I’d want to see”.

GShE; We noticed that your film “Pernicious” has a paranormal theme.  Have you ever experienced anything paranormal yourself?


JCB: Actually fairly recently I feel like I did, but I’m not sure.  There’s these woods near my house and somebody walked out of the woods at 3 in the morning, stood in the middle of the street for like thirty minutes and then disappeared.  That tripped me out so i told my roommate about it and he was like, “Oh ya, ten years to this day somebody was murdered in the woods with a shotgun”.  The story solidly meshed together with what I had just seen.

GSHE: One of our favorite movies of yours is “Hate Crime”.  Has there been anything else you’ve released that’s been as controversial since that movie came out?


JCB: I haven’t really been as controversial.  That movie got banned in certain countries, but I definitely appreciate the support for the film.  But, I’ve been moving more to elevated genres.  Stuff that is more paranormal and that people would see in a movie theater.

GSHE: Do you prefer directing or producing?

JCB: I prefer writing and directing, but I tend to work as a producer because I just like to be involved with film.

GSHE: What is the main thing you hope people watching your movies get out of them?

JCB: I hope that they get entertainment really.  I think films are made to make you think, but they’re also made to entertain.  Ultimately I hope i just make stuff people enjoy watching.

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