Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Will Leave You Mesmerized


\After hearing about Zombie Joe’s Urban Death the past few years we finally had a chance to check it out for ourselves this past Saturday.  We must tell you that at only $13 it’s a great value which includes a maze (which changes the second time you go through) and an 18-20 minute show of horror vignettes.  We left feeling like we had just experienced something we never had at a Halloween event before.

You first enter, only a few people at a time and make your way through a simple, black curtain maze that features things you wont find in any other haunt.  You’re only given a dimly lit flashlight to make your way through, so it’s up to you how much and how long you want to experience the scenes inside.  The actors, some of them looked like they were actually nude, were displayed like no other actors we had ever seen in a haunt before.  We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the scenes were disturbing, yet hauntingly beautiful in a macabre kind of way.  The maze is short, but the imagery will stick with you.  When you come through the other end you’re in a small theater with caution tape on the floor marking off the stage where the scenes unfold.  After the show is over you go back through the maze, but it’s a different experience the second time around.


There’s no dialogue in the clips in the show, but there is a soundtrack and the actors make sounds.  Some of the performances were disturbing, while others were creepy and yet others actually funny.  To pull off a show with no talking takes great acting ability and the performances were stellar.  The only typical scenes reminiscent of anything Halloween were a mummy (or accident victim) and a ghost that seems to float above the stage.


Our favorite scenes were the ghost and a group of performers that acted like spiders.  We’ve been to Zombie Joe’s before, but never for their Halloween show.  We had seen a preview of it at last year’s ScareLA and were entranced with the theatrics.  Unfortunately, Halloween is a very busy time for us as we do paranormal investigations along with all our haunt coverage, so we weren’t able to make it out last year, but we’re glad we did this one and will definitely put it on our itinerary for next.



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