CreepLA Will Expose Your Deepest Fears


CreepLA is an all new Halloween attraction in LA developed by first time haunter Justin Fix.  It’s located in a 110-year old abandoned warehouse that’s really haunted.  We had the opportunity to investigate the location and were able to capture some compelling evidence.  We’ve investigated many other haunted locations where they’ve built a haunt and noticed that it only adds to the ambiance (Dark Harbor at Queen Mary, Old Town Haunt in Pasadena, etc.).  Appropriately enough, one of the inspirations for CreepLA was actually one of our all-time favorite movies, “Session 9”.  Needless to say we couldn’t wait until they let us through last night to go through the experience.  CreepLA is an immersive haunt that will peel away the layers of your emotions.

When you first enter you fill out a waiver and are told that if you can’t continue the safe word is “choke”.  That’s a reassuring word, right?  Then you’re given a number and told to sit in a row of seats in the number you’re given.  A character dressed in a suit with a Purge mask enters the room and walks by all the participants.  They let in groups of about five to six.  As he paces back and forth he stops to check everyone out, coming face-to-face and giving everyone a sniff.  He then grabs one person by the hand and takes him into the first room.  We think they see a scene the other people don’t because we heard a loud noise come from that area that we didn’t experience.  Then the guy comes back and has everyone hold hands and leads them into the first room.

The first room is sit up as a teenage girl’s bedroom.  Both girls are wearing Catholic School outfits.  One girl is sitting on the bed while her friend is sitting in a chair at a desk playing on her phone.  The lights go off and you’re briefly told about the haunt and reminded of the safe word.  The voice defines Creep as “to move slowly with the body close to the ground”.  The girls talk about Slender Man, hashtags and Bloody Mary.  The girl on the bed asks the other girl, “Bitch, have you ever even played Bloody Mary?”

The girls leave the room and the audience follows.  You’re now standing behind the mirror with the girls saying, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”.  Nothing happens.  Then they say it five times, the lights go out and that’s when the fun begins.

All of the other rooms have you as a participant.  There’s parts where you’ll actually get separated and others where you may temporarily lose your way.  The first part of the haunt has you hurrying on your way as you try to escape from “Him”.  We assume that they’re talking about Slender Man.  You come across a little girl who has you hide so that he won’t get you.  This was the most memorable and frightening part.  You’ll actually feel hunted as you experience claustrophobia and a certain sense of dread.

There were two other scenes that especially stood out.  In a trance like room you meet a lonely man who seems a little demented.  He’ll have you play ring-around-the-rosie and beam with glee as you all fall down.  Also, there’s a room where the people going through the maze will all experience something different.  We came across an ordinary man in a chair who told us to sit down.  He commenced to tell us how his brother would always get in trouble and how they could never have animals growing up because they would always be found dead.  He goes on to talk about how he found his parents tied up one day and his brother started to cut them slowly and then eat there flesh.  We’ll let you experience the haunt yourself to see what happens next.

CreepLA is innovative and atmospheric.  The talent sell the scenes well and are able to immerse you in the story.  Narrow walkways leading into large rooms will make you feel disoriented especially when you go into one room that’s brightly lit or one of the areas where you have to crawl.  There were a few points where we were actually somewhat scared, which is rare for us to experience from a haunt.  We loved CreepLA and suggest you put this on the top of your itinerary for things to do this Halloween.

We were invited back to conduct another investigation.  We have found that the energy created from the people going through a haunt and the fear they experience increases paranormal activity.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to join us.  If you dare!



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