Zachary Beckler’s Interior Wins Grand Jury Prize for Best Horror Film at Shriekfest


We’re happy to hear that Interior won the Grand Prize Jury Award for the Best Horror Film at Shriekfest.  We were impressed with the movie which was filmed with a budget of only around $12,000.  The audience reaction was great and they actually said in the Q&A that it was one of the scariest movies they have seen in a long time.

Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competiton was a huge success! Denise Gossett, festival director, once again hosted Shriekfest Oct 1-4th at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Shriekfest screened 45 films and had 30 screenplay finalists.

“Interior” directed by Zachary Beckler took the Grand Jury prize for Best Horror Feature Film, “Clinger” directed by Michael Steves took the Best Horror Comedy Feature Film Award, “The Answer” directed by Iqbal Ahmed took the Best SciFi Feature Film Award, and “Landmine Goes Click” directed by Levan Bakhia took the Best Thriller Feature Film Award.

“The Peripheral” directed by J.T Seaton took the Best Horror Short Film Award, “The Stowaway” directed by Rpin Suwannath won the Best SciFi Short Film Award and “The Smiling Man”  directed by A.J Briones took the best Super Short Film Award.

The winner of the Best Horror/Thriller Feature Screenplay went to “Jakob’s Wife”  written by Mark Steensland and the winner of the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature Screenplay goes to “Knights of the Valiant Heart”  written by Edward Santiago. For a complete list of all of the winners please go to ( .


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