Golden State Haunts Returns to The Empty Grave


After a few years of not visiting The Empty Grave we finally had a chance to this past Saturday.  Now located in the Laguna Hills Mill, it seems that they’re in a much better location than where they previously were which was the Anaheim Garden Walk.  It was hard to compete with Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.  When we were at the new Laguna Hills location we saw people lined up waiting to enter the haunt so it seems like the move has worked.

Since we were last at The Empty Grave there seem to have been a lot of improvements.  It still retains the old school feel and has the unique costumes and masks that have been a staple of the haunt.  But, this year the story is much more solid, the sets have better detail and the actors seem to really enjoy giving a scare.

From our impression, we perceived the story as being that you’re a new employee at a coffin factory.  When you first enter you’re given a time card that you’ll carry with you through the whole haunt and after hearing a back story on the speakers you’re met by one of the talent who shows you how to clock-in.  The haunt actually makes you feel like you’re going through orientation at a new job and takes you through all of the scenes.  Some parts are actually interactive and one that we really liked was the “electrical” room.  There is also the chance that in one of the scenes you may get a little wet.

We’re glad we had the opportunity to once again check out The Empty Grave.  We like what owner Mike Talarico does with it.  It’s a nice break from the commercialization of some of the other haunts.  We miss the original stand-alone haunts like Bob and Dave’s Spooky House which used to be located in the San Fernando Valley and visiting The Empty Grave lets us feel a little nostalgic.  That’s a good thing.


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