Fear Is what We Learned Here Interview Sheds a Light On What Scares Us All


There’s a new haunt in Los Angeles so mysterious that it’s website only shows a video of a man in a black ski mask who we assume to be a killer.  It doesn’t even include contact information.  Of course we were very intrigued.  It wasn’t until we stumbled upon another website that we saw they had an Instagram account so we decided to check it out.  There we found some more pictures as well as videos of the ski mask toting man along with some pictures with quotes about fear.  We also found an email address so we decided to contact them and they were gracious enough to sit down with us and conduct an interview.  Of course we wanted to experience Fear for ourselves but they only were allowing a TOTAL of 20 people and by the time we reached them it was too late.  We can only hope that they decide to add more performances.  This is what they had to say.


1.  Who are the founders of Fear Is What We Learned Here?   Do they have experience with haunts?

A creative duo out of Los Angeles county who met back in 2010 giving tours on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland of all places. We will not be releasing names until after initial performances.

Both the core creative duo and other personnel in the production have acted in or stage managed Blackout. That said…people shouldn’t come in expecting to experience what Blackout offers.

2. What does Fear Is What We Learned Here mean to you?  What are you trying to convey to your audience and what do you hope they get out of it?

This experience means a lot to both of us and has literally shaped how we both live our lives and look at our art. We want people to walk away from this experience feeling triumphant and, as ambitious as it sounds, inspired to live a more authentic, fulfilled life. A life no longer ruled by fear.
3.  Without giving away spoilers what can people expect to experience at the haunt?  Would you even consider it a haunt?

They can expect a cerebral, music-driven experience in which they confront some of the most universal fears of the human experience. That said, although we borrow elements from the haunt world, we wouldn’t consider this a haunt. Ultimately we think the best answer we can give you here is just to experience the show for yourself.

4.  Why has there been so little information available on Fear Is What We Learned Here and why are there going to be so few performances?

We wanted to build an air of mystery and exclusivity around the event. After all, “the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown.”

As for performances, we were initially going to do 20, but that number has now increased due to demand. While we won’t say here how many shows we plan on conducting, our goal is for everyone who expressed a sincere desire to come through the show, to indeed come through the show. If it takes until 2016 for that to happen…so be it.

5.  What are the long term plans? Are you already conceiving next year?

We absolutely have our eyes set on the future and new productions are already in the works. As for “next year”, we will just say this: Although this show has elements of horror and is debuting around Halloween/haunt season, we would be comfortable running it in any time of the year. Essentially, while we are already conceiving “next year” don’t necessarily expect another horror themed show to come out next fall just because it is the “season for it.”

6.  What will make putting together this event worth it?  How will you define its success?

Honestly, it has already been worth it. Watching people wrestle with some of the intensely personal questions we have sent them, reading the responses to some of the images we have put out there, or just being utterly confused as to the whole process has been immensely gratifying.

As for our definition of success, this is a passion project, and success will not be determined merely on monetary gain, but in the responses and reactions from people going through it. We genuinely hope this production affects people coming through, and if even one person is moved or inspired to look at their life in a different way…that’s a tremendous success to us.


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