CreepLa Abandoned Warehouse is Really Haunted


black mass captured in abandoned warehouse

Erik Vanlier from Golden State Haunts and Events as well as Valley Investigators of the Paranormal recently conducted a public investigation of the abandoned warehouse that’s the home of the new LA based haunt CreepLA.  The warehouse, built in 1904 and located in the garment district of LA has been abandoned for over twenty years and was most recently used as meth lab before the new tenants moved in.  There have been many deaths on the property throughout its existence and the previous tenants were afraid to be at the location at night.  The building also backs up to a mortuary.

We can’t wait until the haunt opens, but until then we had a chance to have a very interesting investigation.  On hand were some paranormal celebrities such as comedian/psychic Karen Rontowski. The builders of the haunt told us that they have heard children laughing and the power equipment has gone on by itself.  While we didn’t experience any of those things we did have some compelling experiences such as seeing a black mass, getting touched, hearing what sounded like a pipe banging, seeing scratch marks that appeared on a mirror and getting some pretty cool compelling piece of evidence we captured may have been a voice that said, “June Creek”.  The only thing we were able to find through research was that June Creek is an elementary school in Edwards, Colorado that is near a cemetery.  Through the spirit box we heard the word homeless a lot which is compelling because there are a lot of homeless people in the area.  Could a homeless person maybe lived or even died on the property at one time?  We also got the name Justin which is interesting because Justin is the name of the person who conceptualized the haunt.  He was not on the property at the time we conducted the investigation.

CreepLA opens in October for the Halloween season.  We’re told it will be part traditional haunt and part theatrical.   From our experience we expect that there may be more than the haunt that scares you.  We have investigated many locations that were reported to be haunted where a haunt was built.  We believe that the energy from the haunt, such as the fear from the guests heightens the paranormal activity.  We hope we’re invited back to investigate once the haunt is built and people have a chance to experience it.  In the meantime we look forward to the Creep LA experience and suggest that you check it out too.


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