Alone: Index of Reflection Has You Look Inside


Index of Reflection is the third of four installments under the Unweave the Rainbow experiment.

“| REFLECTION | An amount of energy thrown back by a body without absorption; a thing that is a consequence of or arises from something else.  Index of Reflection is an exploration of light, sound, self and surrounding. It is a multi-site, real world experience.

Before you begin the experience you are given a link to download or stream seven tracks that will help you with the event.  They mostly feature binaural beats, but also clues you will need along the way and commentary on energy and light.


The journey takes you to several locations in the Hollywood area as well as Downtown.  To get to each location you will need to solve a clue or puzzle that you obtain along the way.  How long the event lasts depends on how quick you’re able to solve them.

Although there are a few jump scares along the way, Reflection plays out more like The Amazing Race.  When you’re not going through a dark passage in a building you’re outside running into actors strategically placed.  It’s impressive with how many locations Alone was able to get to cooperate.

One interesting aspect was running into a lady who asked us to meditate on a fish in a see-through container.  She asked us to imagine being the fish and if we had the opportunity would we stay in the container or take a chance and jump out.  There are other parts as well where you’re asked to contemplate things or reflect (hence Index of Reflection).  Near the end you’re asked by a girl in a bar to remember you’re earliest childhood memory.  She tells you it’s time to go home and to reflect on that memory as she leads you to a set of stairs that you assume will take you out of the building.  But, that’s when the experience gets a little more extreme.  You’re grabbed by someone and taken to a dark room where you’re told to stand with a big box over your head.  All the while loud binaural beats and bangs play above you.  After what seems like a long time you’re grabbed again and brought to a couch where you’re given a mirror.  This is where more of the Reflection theme comes into play as you’re expected to stare into the mirror.  Your reflection is barely all that can be seen in the dark room.

In the end, you walk down a flight of stairs in an almost pitch black room, not knowing what to expect.  When you reach the bottom you’re met by a girl who gives you a vanilla cookie.  Then two other people come out of the darkness and everyone gives you a big group hug.  That’s when the experience ends.

We walked all over Hollywood and Downtown and were covered in sweat after what must have been a 2-3 hour experience.  The whole time was a bonding experience with other haunt goers and everyone helped each with solving the clues.  Index of Reflection did have a few jump scares, but relied more on psychology with none of the actors even wearing much of a costume and no masks.  This was more than a haunted house, but rather a psychological experience that is lived.


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