Interview With Heretic Haunt’s Adrian Marcato (A New Extreme Haunt That Will Push Your Limits)


Heretic Haunt is so secret that you actually need an invitation and password to attend.  We originally heard about it from someone who runs a major horror site.  Knowing nothing about it we were intent on tracking down the founder to get more information.  It turns out he’s a former monster at Knott’s Scary Farm and does makeup for The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.  Heretic Haunt appears to be like nothing we’ve ever come across before and is actually based on a real ritual murder.

1.  How did you go from being a monster at Knott’s Scary Farm and makeup artist at Haunted Hayride to running your own haunt?
I have worked in haunts since I was 16
 Running my own haunt has been a goal of mine since I grew to love HORROR & the haunt world. I accidentally fell into doing F/X
a friend of mine needed a slit throat for a short film…so I did it and it looked cool. My friend just started doing HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS and she had been doing it forever as well as attended MUD & CINEMA MAKE-UP SCHOOL ..she VERONICA RODARTE taught me everything I know. I then applied to work shops and got hired on several horror films.
2.  How did the murder of your friend inspire you to start a haunt? It was the catalyst and I wrote a story based on the incident that played out in six. instalments of a haunted house. She was a close friend and her murderers have never been found, it was hard to deal with at the time. I kept the real elements of the case
Young girl, strange Symbols and a sadistic secret cult
3.  Would you label the haunt an extreme haunt? Yes…we push people in different ways but it is aggressive.
4.  What makes your haunt different than other ones? It’s all original from a true story and places guests in Real locations and Real elements. In one show we had a home invasion scene (I.E. Henry portrait of a serial killer) and a girl was actually sexually penetrated in front of guests.
5.  We notice you have an interest in the paranormal.  How much of that element is in your haunt? I love it! It’s there a parallel reality, a nightmarish atmosphere that exists in a parallel timeline. I have had a few paranormal experiences and I’m not 100% of anything but unexplainable ..for sure.
6.  The photos you’ve posted on Facebook are much more avant-garde than any other haunt.  What does that stem from? These are curated to evoke a tone of morbidity and sorrow , terror and sickness, things that inspire fear and lay in the horror genre.
7.  You reference the deep web.  Have you ever been on it and if so what was your experience? At this time I can’t discuss but I’ve been invited into several sites and it’s an interesting place in a sea of over exposure

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