Interview With Creep LA (A Mysterious New Haunt in LA)


We found out about a new haunt this year called Creep LA.  We’re always excited to find out about new Halloween events each year.  What attracted us to this one was the name and the fact that until recently there was very little information known about it and barely anything posted on its website.   We were really intrigued after conducting an interview to find out that Creep LA will be located in an abandoned and haunted warehouse.

1. What is the founders name and background? (Do they have any experience in the haunt industry)?
A: Creep LA was founded by a group of artists and creative directors looking to bring a new experience to LA. With the popularity of interactive experiences, CreepLA strives to touch upon all forms of fear and horror both with traditional scare tactics and emotional interactions. Our creative team has always been creatures of the night and extreme fans of Halloween with varying experience producing haunted houses and theatrical productions. This is the team’s first venture in Los Angeles, but each individual is a specialist in his or her field and has a thirst for something new. We are creating a experience that reaches far beyond the traditional haunted house and brings everyone’s favorite elements of fear to one space.

3. What type of haunt is this? Is it an extreme haunt?
A: CreepLA will incorporate extreme aspects, mazes and theatrical elements, among others. CreepLA brings an artistic approach to the horror category. Inspired by films like “Session 9” and “Seven” as well as classic thrills like “Friday the 13th” and “IT.”

4. Without giving away spoilers what can we expect from CreepLA?
A: Guests will make their way through many dark corridors and rooms encountering many personal interactions, distractions and alarming situations. Through this experience, we want to force people to address that discomfort by having them partake in something that scares them and leaves them feeling the impact long after they’ve left.

5. What differentiates CreepLA from other Halloween attractions?
A: We are not trying to separate ourselves, but to complement an already amazing haunt culture in a very artistic large city. With the ever-changing habits of media consumption, the importance of being present and having a one-on-one connection has diminished. In this case, the lines between watching a performance and being inside a performance will be blurred.

6. You’re doing a haunt in an abandoned warehouse? Do you know if the location is actually haunted? If so do you know why (The reason for the haunting)?
A: We are a new tenant to the warehouse, but the previous tenants have complained that the building was haunted and they were not willing to be there alone or at night. The warehouse was constructed in 1905 and the are rumors of several deaths on the property, but it’s been hard to find documentation given the age of the building and the fact that the arts district has been a relatively forsaken area of LA until recent years.

7. What would you like people to get out of visiting CreepLA?
A: We have always enjoyed the traditional startle and shock scares, but we want to leave our audience with something more; Affect each person that comes through differently. We were haunted from the opening quote of “The Houses October Built” – “I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted hotels, I’m afraid of what real human beings to do other real human beings.” We have always thought that the person behind the mask was always scarier than the actual mask.

8. Do you have any long term plans for CreepLA?
A: Our team is prepared to serve up as many new experiences as Angelenos can handle.


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