Paranormal is the Theme at 43rd Annual Knott’s Scary Farm


Last night avid season pass holders and the media attended the Knott’s Scary Farm maze and show reveal held at the Charles M. Schulz Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.  This year the event will be held September 24th through October 31st and Halloween Haunt will be celebrating its 43rd year.  There will be 11 mazes, over 1,000 monsters, 3 scare zones and 2 shows.  There will be six mazes with a paranormal theme with everything from ghosts and demons to werewolves and zombies.


Last night, emcee Jeff Tucker who is Supervisor of Park Shows appeared on the stage in the fog filled theater to announce everything that was in store.  In grand fashion he was wheeled on to the stage a la Hannibal Lecter by two attractive young ladies.  The audience went crazy in anticipation.

The Shows


Elvira’s Asylum
The all-new Elvira show will feature singing, dancing and comedy.


The Hanging: Straight Outta Calico
All-new for this year, the audience will be deciding the outcome of The Hanging using their smart phones.

Scare Zones




Ghost Town will have more monsters than ever.  One new addition will be The Dollmaker who is is related to the old maze The Doll Factory.  He will be well worth seeking out.  The other two scare zone will be the returning CarnEvil and Fiesta De Los Muertos.

Returning Mazes


Dean Miller’s Black Magic will return for its third consecutive year.  This year features an all-new Skeleton Key room.  Visit Houdini’s haunted theater and experience a seance.


The Forevermore Killer is back for the fourth consecutive year in Forevermore, a gruesome look at the works of author Edgar Allen Poe seen through the eyes of the killer.  Forevermore features an all-new Skeleton Key room.


Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises will be all-new for this year.  Gus Krueger’s returning maze bases on revenge in the old west is back this year now featuring Werewolves.


Daniel Miller’s Pinocchio Unstrung will remain pretty much the same but will feature an all-new Skeleton Key room.


Also returning from Daniel Miller is the ultra-violent and gory The Tooth Fairy.  This year the maze will feature a pitch-black room that you have to find your way out of, a strobe light room and a brand new ending.


Another maze with all-new scenes is Trick or Treat.  This year you will go into the spooky attic and join The Green Witch at her feast.


Voodoo returns with Voodoo: Order of the Serpent.  The returning maze takes us back into the woods and bayou with all-new scenes, a new Skeleton Key room and a new extended ending.


Special Ops Infected returns with Special Ops: Infected-Patient Zero.  All the victims of the zombie apocalypse were saved last year, but then there was a mutation and one again the virus spread.  This year will feature even more zombies and will be twice as long.  There will also be a new high-tech gun that will feature live scoring and becomes a better weapon with more kills.

New Mazes


Announced at ScareLA was Dead of Winter.  The Ice Queen’s family was murdered by the villagers and now she seeks revenge as she summons an army of undead Vikings.  This maze will be a new concept as some of the scenes will actually remain lighted.  We heard there might actually be one scene where it snows.


The Calico Mine Ride returns with live talent in My Bloody Clementine, Daniel Miller’s all-new story based on the song.  Witness the transformation of Clementine from a little girl into an evil spirit seeking revenge for her and her father’s death.  The attraction features all-new digital mapping and an all-new high-tech sound system.


Paranormal Inc, a group of paranormal investigators will take us into the very haunted Hayden Hills Asylum in Paranormal Inc.Case #13 – The Haunting of Hayden Hill where patients have been tortured by the doctors and nurses for year-after-year.  The abandoned asylum now contains their restless spirits.  This is Jon Cooke’s first maze and it will actually change depending on the circumstances, so you will experience all new demons and spirits each time you go in it.  As paranormal investigators ourselves (GSHE columnist Erik Vanlier is founder of Valley Investigators of the Paranormal) who have investigated actual haunted asylums, this is the maze we are most looking forward to seeing.

The Deadly 7



The Green Witch is leaving the Tricksters at home this year and has unleashed something much more evil.  The Deadly 7 are based on the seven deadly sins and will search for victims with their debauchery and horror.



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