Sinister 2 Review – We Can’t Believe All The Bad Press


Horror Critics are slamming Sinister 2 and we can’t figure out why.  It’s true that Bughuul isn’t as menacing as he was in the predecessor, but the movie still delivered some tense moments and decent jump scares.  The scenes in the abandoned church where a gruesome murder occurred were somewhat creepy and it was actually a pretty cool set.  The ghost children in the movie are at times annoying, but at others play off as the freakiest kids since “Children of the Corn”.  It’s actually them that are featured more prominently than Bughuul himself.

Single mom Courtney ((Shannyn Sossamon) moves her twin boys into a rural farm house to be away from the boys’ abusive father. Ex-Deputy So & So (James Ransone) plays an awkward ex-deputy turned private investigator who comes to the house to investigate the old murders.  He takes on the responsibility of saving the family from both the father and Bughuul.

The twin boys are brought into the basement of the once abandoned house by the victims of Bughuul where they’re shown a series of super-8 home movies which are actually snuff films, each one displaying a gruesome and creative murder.  The films are entertaining and look like something you would find on the Deep Web.

The movie actually wasn’t that scary but we enjoyed it none the less.  James Ransone played the weird ex-deputy to perfection and Shannyn Sossamon provided plenty of eye candy.  It seemed like one of the twins (true twins in real life) were a better actor than the other, but their chemistry was decent.  We would have liked to have seen more of Bughuul and have him play a bigger part of the story, but overall we found the film entertaining and 97-minute run time seemed to go by fast.  Is it just us or does Bughuul remind you of Slender Man?


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