Good Mythical Morning (Do We Have a Ghost?) Studio Investigator Available for Paranormal Events and Promotions For Halloween


Erik Vanlier (Ghost Adventures, Good Mythical Morning, Haunted Encounters, Haunted History, My Ghost Story) will be available for Halloween time paranormal events and promotions.  Erik is the founder of Golden State Haunts and Events as well as  Valley Investigators of the Paranormal.  Last year he did a special episode of the hit Youtube show Good Mythical Morning where he investigated the haunted studio.  As of this writing the video has reached over 2.2 million views.  Other media appearances he has done for Halloween were a haunted Honda commercial which won AdWeek’s Ad of the Week for the week it ran, an investigation of KTLA Channel 5 studios haunted tunnels and an investigation for KCAL-9 of the Cellar restaurant in Fullerton. He has also done a series of public Halloween time investigations at the Cellar and facilitated public investigations at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc and Pioneer Cemeter in Sylmar where he gave an over 20-minute pre-investigation presentation.

You can contact him direct at


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