Fans Pack ScareLA in Pasadena


Over 10,000 horror,haunt and Halloween enthusiasts convened upon the Pasadena Convention Center this past weekend in Pasadena, California.  The well organized event was a huge success with buzzing vendors, panels, movies, haunt displays and other special events.  Of course the big news came from Universal Halloween Horror Nights who announced the return of a Michael Myers Halloween maze and Knott’s Scary Farm announcing their first new maze, The Dead of Winter, a maze featuring undead Viking Warriors as well as the Ice Queen.  Also announced by Knott’s was the return of Elvira in an all new show called Elvira’s Asylum.

Of course there was so much to do that we weren’t able to do it all.  We did get to visit all the vendors, attend a few panels, see part of the Bates Motel movie and get a special VIP preview of the first 37 minutes of the haunt attraction documentary “Haunters”.  We also were able to go through all the mini-haunts and experience Alone.  The mini-haunts were The Haunted Stadium’s Exorcism, The Curse of the Devil Swamp, Spooky Hollow’s “Legends of the Swamp”, Drunken Devil’s Production “Hell’s Bells”, Fear Station’s “The Birth of the Windigo” and Figment Foundry’s “Goblin Underground”.  Evil Twin Studios also had their “Vault of Darkness”.

Alone had their 2nd of 4 installments this year called “Index of Refraction”.  After signing up at their booth you were giving a piece of paper with the first of two clues as to how to find the experience.  You had to finding a roaming, black mass that looked more like a giant umbrella.  After finding it, you go under an attached curtain where someone tells you a little poem and then to “head East in the courtyard and find the pink triangle”.

We liked Index of Refraction more than their June event.  After waiting in line groups are brought in 30 at a time and then led to a room where individuals are placed lying down and covered head-to-toe by a white sheet while actors talk about some weird stuff where a deep bass soundtrack plays in the background.  Some of the things you experience are crawling through a pitch black tunnel with straw in it and having string tied around you.  Alone continues to separate itself by offering an unusual experience.

The panels we went to were Extreme Haunt Survivors featuring Russ McKamey (McKamey Manor), Josh Randall (Blackout) and JT Mollner (Freakling Bros. Victim Experience).  They were joined on stage by survivors Hannah Kaplan, Russell Eaton and Tal Beauvais.   We also went to Making Monsters featuring the art directors from Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and Knott’s Scary Farm.

Two of the highlights of my experience at ScareLA were meeting Russ from McKamey and being personally invited to the Manor.  Also, seeing my friend Jon Condit from Dread Central and him telling me that my episode of Ghost Adventures from the Yost Theater was his favorite.

We want to thank Producers David Markland, Lora Ivanova, Rick West and Johanna Atilano for inviting us to attend the event.

To see pictures from ScareLA please visit our Facebook page at Golden State Haunts and Events


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