Face Your Fears At ScareLA!


Over a dozen interactive experiences await!

ScareLA is unlike any other event — on top of nearly 200 Halloween and horror themed exhibitors and 100+ hours of programming, we have over a dozen interactive fright experiences and nightmares to confront. So let’s get started!

We’re thrilled to announce the world premiere of APOCALYPSE, the first ever real-time convention zombie infection game! Created by ScareLA in partnership withGantom Lighting and Controls and Reel Guise Cosplay, Apocalypse spans over 100,000 square feet of the ScareLA showfloor, with players interacting with real brain eating zombies, zombie hunters and more for over four hours of gameplay.

The first guests to reserve their spot will be able to play — for FREE! So act fast –CLICK HERE – or we’ll eat your braaaaainzzzzz…


What else you can expect to thrill you at ScareLA:


You’ll be given a less than reliable flashlight to explore The Vault of Darkness. Plan to have all your senses engaged, stimulated and pushed to their limit. Pay attention or you may just get lost in the dark forever…
Produced by Evil Twin Studios, sponsored by Gantom.


ALONE, a fully-immersive and existential experience that explores the range of human emotions, returns to ScareLA and presents the second out of four separate experiences — Index of (re)Fraction.


LA’s longest running horror theatrical experience, Zombie Joe’s Underground’s Urban Death, brings a terrifying version to ScareLA. Visit their table for information on how you can view their brand of terror up close.

Virtual Reality Experiences


Make contact with the spirit world in this mind-bending journey through a surreal haunted house in The Seance, a new virtual reality experience fromSpectral Illusions, debuting at ScareLA.


Nevermind, the bio-feedback video game that literally feeds off your fear, will debut the Oculus Rift version at ScareLA.


Experience the future of haunted experiences utilizing Oculus Rift and virtual reality technology from Virtual Screams.

Haunted Attractions


In Spooky Hollows’ Legends of the Swamp unearth the terrifying history of a now drained swampland and help investigate rumors of long lost children who appear as ghostly apparitions, and the evil monsters that may lurk.


Descend into Hells Bells, the boozy, infernal world of the Drunken Devil and explore a southern gothic version of Hell, where wayward souls are tortured for their sins by seedy manifestations of vice and malice.


Field of Screams The Haunted Stadium and The Bloodshed Brothers invite you to come sit and bare witness to a live exorcism in a unique experience not of this world. Straight to the bowels of Hell you shall descend!


Try and survive this hallucination of hell – alone! On the Darkside they like to take it… one victim at a time!


From Fear Station, experience The Birth of the WIndigo: a mysterious creature killing hunters in the forest. We have received word that that ranger is held up in a hunting shack. Meet him there and get to safety.  Can you escape The Windigo’s curse?


Discover the secrets of a lingering curse more vile than anything you could imagine in this preview of the haunted attraction, Curse of the Devil Swamp.


The bazaar of unusual creatures and strange sights known as the “Goblin Underground” will located somewhere within the ScareLA showfloor. From the legendary design group Figment Foundry.

Interactive Showcases and Games


Looking for love in all the wrong places? ScareLA Presents: Serial Killer Speed Dating. (Yes, actual speed dating, but with a sinister twist.) Somebody in the room is hiding a dark secret. The guy or ghoul you hit it off with might be…killer. RSVP Here Produced by Abel Horwitz
Unless noted, all attractions are FREE with admission.
Fear Freak and Scare Student’s given priority admission!

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