Alone: Index of Diffusion Review


I recently attended the first of four Alone events to be held this year.  This installment: Index of Diffusion is based on how light diffuses:through objects.  Alone, created by Lawrence Lewis and Devon Paulson plays on psychological fears rather than the blood and guts found in most haunts.

To keep the low-key reputation of the event (the location is always undisclosed) we won’t give away to many spoilers.  The whole thing takes about 40 minutes and starts with a well acted witchcraft scene from “The crucible”.  I was one of the last people to actually enter where the haunt begins so I was lucky enough to see most of the scene.

After crawling through a dark tunnel a woman grabbed me, walked be back and forth and spun me around.  She whispered about the properties of light and said, “go to the room with all the ribbons.  Tie them around as many people as you can and don’t stop”.  The room was one of the weirder experiences as, after being alone for awhile, you enter it and see it’s filled with other people.  Strobe lights are flashing all around and creepy music plays on a piano.  I tied the strings on a few people and had others tie some on me.  It was a strange experience playing on social anxiety.  Before that though I was led into a pitch-black room.

A woman spoke over a speaker talking about what I might see in the room and told me to lie down.  She said, “They will touch you but it won’t be people”.  The voice then says to,”stand up, shake it off and find your way through the door you came from”.  I couldn’t find the door.  Instead I got stuck in this dark room for what seems at least 15 minutes.  i kept running into dead-ends and finally opened what I thought was the door only to find out it was a bathroom stall.  I thought I might have gone to the wrong place and for a few minutes actually got some anxiety.  I banged on the wall and yelled out “hello”!  Eventually someone grabbed me and took me to the “ribbon room”.

There were other strange experiences, but I won’t give them away.  The whole thing seemed like an occult initiation.  If you’ve ever been a member of a mystery school you know what I’m talking about.  Overall it wasn’t really scary, but it wasn’t marketed to be.  Everything seemed more psychedelic than anything else.  The haunt was well done and all the actors did a great job.  I look forward to seeing what other adventures Alone has in store.


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