Sherwood Scare Will Possess You


Sherwood Scare takes visitors into Stage 23 of Sherwood Studios where they will see a news clip from the 1930’s.  The clip shows the young Hollywood child star Hildy Cotter who while on one of her films people say became possessed.  A series of unsolved murders broke out and Hildy disappeared.  People talked about not going into the basement of Stage 23, saying that it was haunted by the young girl.

That is the theme of the this year’s Sherwood Scare, one of the most impressive home haunts you will find anywhere.  The haunt takes you room-to-room throughout Stage 23, such as the dressing room, the editing room, the screening room and of course the basement.  The haunt pays careful attention to detail and is just as scary as any of the mazes you’ll find at the theme parks, if not more.

We were impressed with the theme and how each room progresses you further and further into the story.  There’s a lot of classic scares inside, as well as some new ones.  If you were at Sherwood Scare last year you know how well these people put together a maze and you will definitely not want to miss this year.  The haunt is also for a good cause as all proceeds go to Big Worm’s Cystic Fibrosis Life Foundation.


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