Reign of Terror Review


Recently we visited Reign of Terror located in Thousand Oaks, California,  We weren’t able to go last year so we were able to see all the new elements added over the past two years.  Needless to say we were impressed with everything we saw.

ROT is a 15,000 sq foot haunt that seems much larger.  This is due to the creative use of the space and the many twists and turns that are inside it.  The maze is actually composed of five different sections.  They are in order: The Haunted Mine Shack, The Victorian Haunted House, Blood Manor, Quarantine and the Asylum,  These themes take up seventy rooms in the haunt.

Not only do the monsters, ghosts and ghouls come at you from the sides, but also from behind you and on top of you as well.  The scares are well placed with the actors constantly hitting  their marks and the reality and attention to detail of the sets.  Both the Victorian Haunted House and Blood Manor are two of the most realistic haunted house themes we have ever seen.

The Haunted Mine Shack has you exploring a haunted mine with deceased miners all around you.  The Victorian Haunted House recreates that abandoned home down the street that you were dared to go into when you were younger.  Blood Manor is another haunted house, but it has more of a chainsaw theme, with disfigured creatures and granny herself.  Quarantine is some kind of experimental lab where experiments have gone seriously wrong and the Asylum has a mental hospital theme complete with doctors doing terrible things to the patients.

Reign of Terror continues to be one of our favorite haunts and we highly suggest you check it out.  Lines can get very long, so we suggest you consider the VIP ticket which at $25 is a reasonable price for this haunt that takes at least 20 minutes.  As one of the people we were with said, “This should be a $50 maze”.


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