Raymond Hill Mortuary Review


Now in it’s second year running, the haunt at the Fremont Centre Theatre has raised the bar for what a scary haunt should be.  This year’s theme goes back to the building’s roots as a mortuary.  The maze portrays the theme well with everything from a waiting and viewing room to a pyre and crypt.

The haunt is interactive and will have you crawling over dead bodies, entering a coffin and interacting with the recently deceased.  The maze doesn’t use many hi-tech animatronics or props, but it doesn’t need it.  The newly themed attraction catches every detail and the energy of the haunted building adds a spookiness to the atmosphere.

Many reviews have stated the Raymond Hill Mortuary is one of the scariest haunts around and we have to agree.  We have to admit we were startled and spooked on more than one occasion.  There are many pitch black areas where you don’t know what’s around the corner until a ghost or ghoul jumps out at you to scare you.  The reality of the sets is amazing and like we previously stated, the natural environment feels haunted and will have you wondering what’s real.


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