BLACKOUT Is Back: New Show, New Rules — Opens Oct 9 in NYC, Oct 16 in LA


Deemed the ‘the most terrifying of the United State’s 3,000 haunted houses’ (The Guardian), BLACKOUT celebrates its 5th anniversary this year opening this month in NYC (Oct 9) and LA (Oct 16) — with a new show, BLACKOUT: house and a new set of rules.

Preview trailer:

Infamous for its strict solo-entry policy, forcing participants to face their darkest fears alone, BLACKOUT: house will be a group experience this year. And if you think that means the experience will be any easier — think again. This year’s iteration takes the creators’ special brand of immersive horror to the next level by breaking even more conventions than previous years and incorporating group dynamics into the experience.

BLACKOUT: house will host groups on most nights. A handful of solo shows will be hosted on select nights (to be announced). All participants will have a safety word should they wish to be removed from the house at any time. BLACKOUT: house will run between 20-30 minutes and guests will encounter tight spaces, complete darkness, strobe lights, fog, crawling, stairs, loud noises, nudity, violent and sexual situations, and physical contact. Full rules to follow.

Since 2009, BLACKOUT has set the standard for haunted house experiences with its use of deep immersion, sensory deprivation and physical interaction to create ‘a probing, psychosexual thrill ride of the soul’ (LA Weekly) that ‘puts you at the center of your own story. Or nightmare’ (Chicago Tribune). The brainchild of film and experimental-theater veterans Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor, the show is produced by John Harper and this year announced a new partnership with Michael Cohl’s S2BN Entertainment.

In addition to stand-alone houses in NYC and LA, Blackout is also hosting a special sold-out event with the Queens of The Stone Age in LA on Halloween. Announcements for shows in Chicago and in Miami during Art Basel to come soon.

BLACKOUT: house 2014

When: NYC, October 9 – mid-November; Thursdays through Saturdays from 7-11pm
Where: 225 E Houston Street (at Essex St.), NY, NY
Tickets: $35+, (on sale 9.26 at 11:59pm)

When: October 16 – mid-November; Thursdays through Saturdays from 7-11pm
Where: Downtown LA
Tickets: $35+, (on sale information coming soon)


One thought on “BLACKOUT Is Back: New Show, New Rules — Opens Oct 9 in NYC, Oct 16 in LA

  1. I really wish we could stop calling it a ‘haunted house’ because it’s not. There’s nothing supernatural or traditional here. it’s all slashers, torture porn, rape, murder, etc.. Being suffocated by some jerk is hardly what I’d call a fun night out.


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