Voodoo and Special Ops: Infected are Winners for Knott’s Scary Farm


The haunt industry continues to get more saturated and competitive which means the original and still biggest, Knott’s Halloween Haunt has been trying new things to stay ahead of the pack. Two years was the debut of “Trapped: Lock and Key. This year it was the choose-your-own-adventure maze Voodoo and the zombie shooting attraction Special Ops: Infected.

Once again they brought in Elvira who is featured in “Elvira’s Big Top”. She’s the host for the show which features a guy who swallows swords as well as a contortionist. In between acts, Elvira played to the audience and told some pretty funny jokes.


Special Ops: Infected is situated in the Camp Snoopy area of the park where those with a special card are either part of Team Alpha or Team Bravo. The scenario is that people have been taken hostage by zombies during an infection outbreak and teams of up to twelve are there to help rescue them. They are given a laser gun and told to shoot the zombies in the head.


One of the two new mazes this year is “Tooth Fairy”. The premise is that the good tooth fairy has been captured by the evil tooth fairy. The evil tooth fairy visits the children at night who have teeth under their pillow and takes them to the dental chair where all kinds of cruel and painful dental work will be done. This maze is very gory and tells the story well.


The other new maze is “Voodoo” which had one of the longest lines. This maze sends visitors deep into the swamps of Cajun Country where voodoo priests and priestesses roam along with zombies. Depending on which path you take, you’ll either experience an exorcism or a sacrifice. This is one of the best mazes we’ve seen in a long time. We heard a lot of people talking about how well attention was paid to detail and how effective the lighting was.


Of course there are returning mazes such as The Gunslinger’s Grave, , Pinocchio Unstrung, Black Magic and Dominion of the Damned. The hanging was really good and funny this year, parodying everyone from mayor Rob Ford to Beyonce and of course Disney properties such as those from “Frozen”. This year this is actually a double hanging which we won’t comment on since we want everyone to have the experience of discovering it for themselves.

We really enjoyed Knott’s this year. The old mazes got some fresh detail added to them and Special Ops: Infected is a cool military/zombie attraction that we think should stay for a long while. Maybe next year they can add more of a specialized theme to it. “The Tooth Fairy” was a lot of fun. The lighting in it and “Voodoo” were really effective. The maze was well laid out and seemed as realistic as can be. “Voodoo” also had a realistic feel and a great Skeleton Key added attraction.


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