Interview with The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride COO Melissa Meyer


GSHE: This is Erik Vanlier from Golden State Haunts and Events with Melissa Meyer and can you tell us your position with the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride?

MM:  I’m the COO of 1031 Productions.

GSHE:  Can you tell us where we’re at please?

MM:  Where we’re at right now?  We’re currently at the warehouse where we build and store most of our sets.

GSHE:  What can we expect this year as far as that goes?

MM:  As far as sets go?  Well we’re actually building two whole new sections of the Hayride; the Seven Sins Sideshow is one of them and the House of the Horseman is the second one.  So that’s going to be a completely new build and set that no one has ever seen, whose has frequented the  Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.

GSHE:  Can you tell us more about your position please?

MM:  So, I’m the Chief Operating Officer. I sit down on all the creative meetings and we have storyboarding with a team of us that work through the concepts and what we’re going to be doing for this upcoming year, all the way from the theme to the execution.  And then I’m still head of the special effects department and oversee the wardrobe department.  So, a lot of the choreographic elements of the show.  So just a few things.

GSHE:  How many people work at the warehouse?

MM:  Well the warehouse isn’t strictly for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.  So, it’s not too interesting of a thing.    Our full time staff is about eight people that are on for the entire year.

GSHE: How is this year going to compare with last year?

MM:  This year it’s going to be bigger and better like always.  We’re coming in to our sixth season “Echoes from the Rift” so we’re doing all things Hell related.  It’s a lot of giant Leviathon creatures as well as Greek influences.  Anything, you know, everything Hell related.

GSHE: Last year a lot of the Haunt was themed to the paranormal.  Is that going to be the case this year?

MM:  So last year we worked on things based on actual events.  And one of the elements that we were utilizing was the creepiness of Griffith Park itself, which is one of the most paranormal sites.  So, we will always have paranormal elements because Griffith Park and the Old Zoo are one of the most active areas in all of California.  But our theme, we’re definitely sticking to a very “Echoes from the Rift”, everything from Hell this season.

GSHE:  And where did you get that name from?

MM: “Echoes from the Rift” was a group decision.  Our creative director came up with different variations of Hell, and the word Rift  and all together we grouped the words together and “Echoes from the Rift”.

MM:  One main thing to mention this we’re doing because we’re building the two new attractions we have our first time all-season  pass with zero blackout dates and it’s a hundred and forty nine dollars and it’s an automatic upgrade to VIP so you don’t have to wait in lines.  That’s a pretty new and exciting element.  As well as we’re making everything larger than life this season.


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