Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces Largest Expenditures in Fright Fest History


Six Flags Magic Mountain recently announced at a press conference that this year they are going to spend more on Fright Fest than any other year prior.  Those who attended had the opportunity to see some of the results of the increase in spending as there were two enormous props as well as improved costumes and make-up.  We’re interested in seeing what they do now with their advertising budget to target customers who may otherwise only go to the big three (Scary Farm, Horror Nights and Dark Harbor).

There will be seven scare zones including the new Ravenstitch and Voodoo Nights.  Also, there will be eight mazes.  Those will be Willoughby’s Resurrected, Chupacabra, Aftermath, Total Darkness and the new mazes Toyz of Terror 3-D, The Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness Vault 666 and Red’s Revenge.  Members of the press got a sneak preview of Vault 666 which looks like it’s going to be a huge maze that has a lot of elaborate sets.  Returning this year will be the Fright Feast (a buffet dinner) with an illusionist on stage and the new new VIP experience Monster Tour.

With the classic thrill rides and upgrades  in mazes, monsters, props, etc. Fright Fest looks like it will be a winner this year.


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