ScareLA Sophomore Season is Huge Success


ScareLA just wrapped up it’s Second year in operation as The Reef (the new name for LA Mart) hosted the wildly popular event.  ScareLA is produced by Lora Ivanova as well as David Markland (owner of Creepy LA website).  Our estimates on attendance for the two-day celebration of all things Horror and Halloween is over 6,000 ravenous fans.

This year was bigger and better than last year as there were so many vendors, workshops, presentations and panels that it wasn’t possible to see everything, even for those who went both days.  Saturday night there was also a party on the 11th floor created by Sinister Pointe.

The panels we saw were “Chilling Tales of the Haunted Mansion: LIVE!” presented by Captured Aural Phantasy Theater (A vaudeville type live radio show that payed an homage to the Mansions 45 year anniversary).   Exploring the Ruins of Los Angeles (a live panel by Atlas Obscura that dealt with lesser known and some abandoned locations around Los Angeles) .

Urban Death (a terrifying theater experience presented by Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group) was creepy, artistic and risky.

The movie we saw was Making Monsters (a documentary about making a haunted house a reality) which has become somewhat of a cult hit in the Halloween, horror scene after getting rave reviews on numerous themed podcasts.    The panels and movie we saw were all located on the 7th floor of the building.  The exhibitors were all located on the 2nd floor.

There were also the special attractions and previews from Fear Station’s Freakshow of Fears, BLKMGC, Bone Yard Effects Freakshow, The Hellevator from the Field of Screams Haunted Stadium, Zombie Shooting Range from Haunted Hollywood Sports, Curse of the Devil Swamp Preview and the Perdition Home Haunt (from Yorba Linda).  For $5 (some got in free depending on the type of admission) were the terror trucks (semi trucks that hold a haunted maze) featuring Cold Storage and Buried Alive.  Also for $5 was one of our favorite haunts from last year (now in its second season) Alone.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to go to this 15-min attraction preview as it was so popular that whenever we tried to sign-up it was already full.



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