Horror Comes to San Diego this Weekend



Visit this link for the chance to win 4 tickets:

There are only four more days left until The Great Horror Campout hits San Diego this Friday.  The event was recently a huge success in Los Angeles as well as Portland and now those living further south will have their opportunity to experience this one-in-a-kind event.  Being in the midst of Summer there’s no greater relaxation than going camping.  But this isn’t your typical camping trip.

The folks at GHC have created a “choose your own adventure” event, where anything goes as well as a less extreme version for those who might not want all the scares.  Either way, the campout is a 12-hour overnight, interactive event which promises to offer something to everyone, regardless of what your fear level may be.

The most popular part of the Campout is the Hell Hunt where guests will experience their worst nightmares while participating in the scavenger hunt in hopes to be the next Hellmaster.  Hell Zones are the main areas of the Hunt where most SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) resides.  Speed Bumps are obstacles that may leave you kidnapped, caged or trunked.  There is also a Blood Tag Match Tournament as well as a Camp Talent Show.  Do you have what it takes to survive the night and be crowned Hellmaster?

Golden State Haunts and Events will be participating in the San Diego Great Horror Campout.  We want to see all you horror freaks out there as well.

Visit this link for the chance to win 4 tickets: 


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